Editor's Note: With the spring season now in full bloom and nice weather on the horizon, golfers everywhere are starting to hit the links. To make things easier for golfers, the Derry News will be running a golfing tip every Friday, courtesy of Brookstone Golf Course PGA Professional Tony Zdunko.

Spring is a great time to check the grips on your clubs. After a winter of being stored in a garage, attic, basement or even left in a cold trunk, grips become dry, cracked or moldy. Maybe they are worn from the previous season. Your favorite golf shop can replace your grips often in just 24 hours, and have your clubs feeling like brand new. Grip-replacement costs average $5 to $10 per club. There are hundreds of options as far as style, feel, size and even newer fancy colors. Grips can also be cleaned with warm soapy water, which can help restore a better connection to the club. If you need any help with your grips, see your PGA professional. He or she will be happy to help with your decision.

| Tony Zdunko

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