Name, Position: ALYSSA DIMAURO, Shortstop

Future plans: SNHU, Sports Management/softball

Coach Kristen Abbott: "Her legacy: The dedication/tenacity she puts into getting better each and everyday; before, during, and after practice. I would pitch BP to her after most practices. She was always looking to improve and advance her skills. She loves the game and puts her all into it."


Name, Position: DANIELLE ST. PETER, First Base

Future plans: University of Arizona, Pre-Law/Political Science, Philosophy and Economics

Coach Kristen Abbott: "Her legacy: Intensity and heart. Her voice and energy on the field made such a presence every pitch and I will miss that. Dani was "All in" every pitch and cheering on her teammates."


Name, Position: MATTIE SULLIVAN, Outfield

Future plans: Clarkson University, Physical therapy

Coach Kristen Abbott: "Her legacy: Powerful and selfless. Mattie packed a punch in every swing she took. She has so much power that when she gets a hold of the ball, it sails. She was also willing to play wherever the team needed her to and she always supported her teammates." 

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