Nashua North Invite: Londonderry’s Griffin, Pinkerton’s Spencer highlight day

AMANDA SABGA/Staff photoPinkerton's Adam Spencer has continued his great season, winning the 300 hurdles at Saturday's Nashua North Invitational.

NASHUA — The 14th annual Nashua North Invitational on Saturday highlighted some of the top athletes from Southern New Hampshire and the Merrimack Valley.

But even though conditions were not ideal, it didn’t stop area athletes from having some great days.

The Londonderry girls had a good showing, led by the legs of Ashley Griffin. The junior provided one of the high-points of the day when she raced to first in the 100 meter in 13.48. But her day didn’t stop there. She also teamed up with Madolyn Croteau, Sophia Hagymas and Nikki Longua to take a sixth in the 4x100 in 53.41.

Suzie Moore gave the Lancers a second in the pole vault (9-0), and Grace McDonough also added a second in the freshmen/sophomore mile (5:51.33).

The other area first-place finish on the girl’s side was Pinkerton’s 4x100 relay team of Megan O’Brien, Amelia Graves, Hannah Frazier and Sierra Edgecomb. The quartet ran an impressive time of 51.42. Emily Lesburt added a second for the Astros in the high jump (5-0), Adrianna Buccieri finished third in the shot put (33-3), Samantha Franks places third in the javelin (92-1) and Sierra Edgecomb had a third in the 100 meter (13.70).

Spencer stays hot

Pinkerton’s Adam Spencer continued his torrid start to the spring, taking first in the 300 hurdles in 41.10. He also teamed up with John Brooks, Conor Seleny and Ryan Dane to take first in the 4x100 relay in 44.11.

Spencer wasn’t the only Pinkerton highlight on the boy’s side, though. Joron Harrell gave the Astros another first-place finish after he leaped the field in the triple jump with a 41-5. Seleny also gave the Astros a second in the 110 hurdles (15.50).

Ace thrower Patrick Hagearty gave Londonderry some highlights. The senior took a second in the shot put (45-7), then followed with a third in the discus (114-3).

Elsewhere, freshmen Luke Brennan (2nd, 4:41.73) and Tyler Kraft (4th, 4:54.74) both set new personal bests in the freshmen/sophomore mile.

Nashua North Invitational (Boys)

No Team Scores

Participating Area Schools: Pinkerton, Londonderry

Area placers (top 6):

Shot put: 2. Patrick Hagearty (L) 45-7; Discus: 3. Hagearty (L) 114-3; Long jump: 6. Colton Boursier (P) 19-0; Triple jump: 1. Joron Harrell (P) 41-5; High jump: 5. Matt Small (P) 5-7; 100 meters: 5, Justin Cassidy (L) 11.87; 110 hurdles: 2. Conor Seleny (P) 15.50; Frosh/Soph Mile: 2. Luke Brennan (P) 4:41.73, 4. Tyler Kraft (L) 4:54.74; 4x100 relay: 1. John Brooks, Seleny, Adam Spencer, Ryan Dane (P) 44.11; 200: 3. Cassidy (L) 23.69; Mile: 5. Matthew Griffin (L) 4:33.92; 300 hurdles: 1. Spencer (P) 41.10, 6. Damon MacLeod (L) 45.01; 2-mile: 6. Joe Gagnon (P) 10:01.92; 4x400 relay: 3. Spencer, Brooks, Seleny, Benjamin Fleming (P) 3:34.20; 4x800: 2. Zach Plaza, Ethan Desmaris, Jeff Mize, Nolan Preble (P) 8:12.10

Nashua North Invitational (Girls)

No Team Scores

Participating Area Schools: Pinkerton, Londonderry

Area placers (top 6):

Pole vault: 2. Suzie Moore (L) 9-0; Shot put: 3. Adrianna Buccieri (P) 33-3; Discus: 6. Jocelyn Bourassa (P) 84-10; Javelin: 3. Samantha Franks (P) 92-1, 6. Laurel Breen (P) 81-2; High jump: 2. Emily Lesburt (P) 5-0; 100 meters: 1. Ashley Griffin (L) 13.48, 3. Sierra Edgecomb (P) 13.70, 6. Hannah Frazier (P) 13.94; 100 hurdles: 4. Seana Kelly (L) 17.70; Mile: 4. Meghan Cross (P) 5:27.80, 6. Macy Graves (P) 5:34.97 Frosh/Soph Mile: 2. Grace McDonough (L) 5:51.33; 4x100 relay: 1. Megan O’Brien, Edgecomb, Frazier, Amelia Graves (P) 51.42, 6. Madolyn Croteau, Griffin, Sophia Hagymas, Nikki Longua (L) 53.41; 200: 4. A. Graves (P) 26.89; 4x400 relay: 3. Edgecomb, Cross, O’Brien, A. Graves (P) 4:15.16; 4x800 relay: 4. Jasmine Brown, Cailey McDonough, Kaelyn Rourke, Caitlin Boufford (L) 10:50.83

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