It’s all in the family for the Windham boys soccer team.

Last year, it was the Neal family, Preston and Landon, who were key players in a strong senior class that delivered a Division 1 state title and now it’s the Hussons — all three of them — who are playing pivotal roles for the Jaguars as juniors.

The Husson triplets, Sam, Max and Ryan, don’t look particularly alike and play different positions but they have the entire field covered for Windham, which is enjoying another fine season at 6-1-2.

Sam, at 5-foot-5, plays defense as a middle backer, the 5-foot-6 Max is the team’s striker and the 5-foot-8 Ryan, who often feeds Max on scoring plays, is a center midfielder. Max, who has been starting since his freshman year, has seven goals and two assists and Ryan has three goals and an impressive eight assists. They’re all valuable components on the team for sure.

They’re also among the most gung-ho soccer players around, thanks in no small part to their family background.

Father Joseph is a former high school goalie from Nashua who has been coaching his kids for years. Older sister Abby is playing college soccer as a freshman at St. John’s Fisher College and younger sister Meghan is a freshman starter on the Windham girls soccer team.

Although Ryan used to play basketball, he dropped it and they’re all focused on soccer now. When not practicing or playing for the Jaguars, they’re either playing for their club team, Aztec out of Massachusetts, or practicing on their own, often with their father, either in the backyard or at a nearby field.

As far as practice, it could be any one of the three who suggests it, but the other two are always eager to agree.

“We’re all pretty passionate about it (soccer) and we all want to play whenever we can,” said Sam. “We’ve grown up with it our whole lives — it’s what we know and we all enjoy it.”

And, if they’re not playing soccer, they’re discussing it, either at the dinner table or elsewhere.

“We’re always talking about what’s working and what’s not working, something new we can try or something,” said Sam. “It’s nice to bounce ideas off my dad and see what he says. ... He loves coaching and he’ll take us out to do drills or take shots. During the summer, we’ll be doing it four days a week.”

Said Ryan, who all three agree is the fastest of the triplets, “I love it (soccer) because it’s a team sport — you don’t have to be selfish to be effective. Also, we always have fun when we’re playing.”

The threesome, who have almost identical GPAs in the 3.6 range, share the same room, have pretty much the same interests (except Sam is more into weight lifting while Max and Ryan are more avid professional sports fans) and they would like — if possible — to continue sharing their time together while.

“We’ve talked about going to the same school if it’s possible — I enjoy playing with them — but I wouldn’t be totally opposed to splitting up,” said Max.

Fortunately for head coach Mike Hachey and the Jaguars, that prospect is still more than a year away.

“The three Hussons provide our team with three distinctly different qualities, but they share a common trait,” said Hachey. “They all have a competitive drive and a high expectation of themselves. They have had a lot of success so far, but we are hoping that their greatest achievements are still to come.”

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