Senior Division WinsLossesPctGB

Clam Haven420.667

Derry News420.667

East Derry Tire and Auto430.5710.5

Atkinson Graphics330.5001.0


Puzzo Brothers140.2002.5

Summit Air Systems140.2002.5

Majors DivisionWinsLossesPctGB

Halcyon Club510.833

Morgan Exteriors510.833

Daigle Plumbing420.6671.0

Itz Olson330.5002.0

Remi And Sons160.1434.5

EZ Test Pool Supply160.1434.5

AAA DivisionWinsLossesPctGB

Tupelo Hall601.000


Derry Police310.7502.0

Fred Fuller Oil320.6002.5

Crossroads Contracting320.6002.5

Derry Medical Center230.4003.5

Moos Ice Cream240.3334.0

Derry Pizza130.2504.0

Vanguard Dental040.0005.0

Darens Music050.0005.5

Softball DivisionWinsLossesPctGB

Derry Imaging Center401.000

Brownell Insurance310.7501.0

Greater Salem Footcare130.2503.0

Fred Fuller Oil040.0004.0

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