Kyle Neverman enjoyed a breakthrough season with the Londonderry High School baseball team this past spring.

The soon-to-be-junior enjoyed a fantastic sophomore season that got progressively better as the season went on. After starting the year batting towards the bottom third of the lineup, the second baseman slugged his way to the No. 2 spot and finished the season batting .358 with 19 hits, 20 runs scored and 10 RBIs. He also struck out only three times all season.

Neverman, who will move to shortstop next season, helped Londonderry advance to the Class L semifinals before being upset by Merrimack. He is also currently playing on the Londonderry Legion baseball team trying to help his squad make the District B playoffs this summer.

The Derry News recently caught up with Neverman to discuss, among other things, his California roots, his favorite baseball team and his favorite baseball player.

Derry News: How shocked were you when the team lost in the state semifinals?

Kyle Neverman: Baseball is a funny sport because anything can happen. So we didn't want to expect anything but we knew we could've done better.

DN: How did you feel your season went personally?

KN: I struggled a bit in the beginning of the season, and I was hitting down in the bottom of the order. But then I got comfortable, and by the end of the season I was hitting second. It took a little while for the sophomores on the team to settle in.

DN: How would you describe yourself as a hitter?

KN: I try to use the whole field. I'm not a power hitter, more of a singles, doubles and triples guy.

DN: How do you feel about moving to shortstop next year?

KN: I like it. I've always been a shortstop before this year and I've been doing a lot of lifting to strengthen my arm.

DN: How has the Legion team looked so far this summer?

KN: We are looking pretty solid. We're not a pitching and defense team, we just try to score as many runs as we can. We just have to start to pull it all together, because we recently lost four games in a row.

DN: Who is your favorite baseball team?

KN: I'm a Dodgers fan. My family is from California and we moved here from Orange County when I was in second grade. I still have family in California and we go back to visit a lot. We're going to visit in August.

DN: Do you prefer California or New Hampshire?

KN: I like them both the same. All of my friends are in New Hampshire, but it was nice to be able to play baseball year-round in California.

DN: Who is your favorite baseball player?

KN: I like Rafael Furcal and Jose Reyes because they are both shortstops. They make the game look really easy.

DN: Do you play any other sports?

KN: I also run track in the winter. I do the 300 and the 55 and I was an alternate on our 4x200 relay team.

DN: How has summer vacation been so far?

KN: Good. It's going by fast, though.

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