Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about some not-so-nice things that have been going in and around our towns. Sad is all I can say and sad is all I will say.

There is just so much good that must be celebrated and that’s what you and I are going to focus on this week and every week. So what are we waiting for?

A couple Wednesday nights ago, the Londonderry View was given the opportunity to interview a Nashville band called High South on our show. Actually, we were able to do the interview right on the bandstand area where they performed a short time later. Stephen and Julie Lee somehow found a way to bring High South, who had just returned from another European tour, to our own Concerts on the Common. I don’t think we can ever thank them and their supporters like Larry Casey for all they do to bring the gift of music to us.

The band members, James Garner, Kevin Campos, and Phoenix Mendoza, all come from different backgrounds, but they have found a way to harmonize together, bring back some of the best music of the 70s and 80s and to spread their message of working together peacefully and for the good of everyone through writing their own songs.

When you listen to their music, if you close your eyes you would swear the original artist was standing right in front of you. Many people say that they are even better, and I agree. High South would never say that, though. They are much too humble and grateful each time they step on stage —filled auditoriums playing to thousands of fans or a small bandstand like ours — their hearts are in it all the way

If we are given the gift of being about to touch people’s hearts and minds, whether it is through the written word in music, in a story, a cable studio show, or yes, even a local newspaper, I believe we have a responsibility to all the people we reach. Very sad when people don’t or they use it for their personal gain or even their personal vendettas. What else can you say but sad?

Anyway, sorry for getting on a little roll there but you know me and you know that the nasty stuff does hurt my heart and other good people’s hearts that are singled out, too.

“It’s just not right,” my dad, Brownie, would say. Those were harsh words for him! He would have loved High South. He would have bought a CD, too. I also believe that good people are drawn to good people.

Back to the good…. High South has a new CD out called “Change in the Wind” and they wrote a beautiful song that touched my heart and I can promise it will touch yours too called “Make it Better.” When you get a chance or right now, why wait, go to YouTube and watch their Make It Better Video. 

The visuals are breathtaking, honestly the most beautiful I have seen in a video. The colors, the people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and so many others that gave their lives to make the world better. The words I promise will make you stop and think. The beginning lyrics remind us “We keep re-writing pages.” Boy, does that remind me of some of the shenanigans that have been happening lately, too. We have to stop repeating the same negative thoughts and actions.

The video is also about all of us celebrating each other, our religions, our genders, who we love, our races. Only we can make it better. It is also about thinking about how we are going to leave this world …better than we found it. This week at St. Jude’s noon Mass, Father Bob's homily was just what I needed to hear. Every act of kindness makes our lives better, this life and the next one if that’s your belief. If not, that’s okay, just like the words of the song say.

He also reminded us to roll up our sleeves and jump in to stop the nasty (he used a different word) and to help where we can. He told the story of a struggling mom in a fast food restaurant with her children. They were celebrating her young son’s birthday. She didn’t have enough money to buy everyone their own separate meals so she picked out one meal that they would share together. The little boy became very upset, because he just wanted his own treat this one time because it was his special day. The exhausted, sad, mom became upset because she wished that she could provide that for him.

I’d say prayers were answered when suddenly a person went up to the counter and said they would pay for whatever the family wanted. Another woman came up and gave the mom a $100 bill and said, “I have been where you are now.” Kind of leaves you speechless just to hear it or read it. One other thing he said, which was precious and again I felt like he was talking to me, was and I still can’t believe he said this, but it was “There are some bad apples, but we outnumber them.”

As High South reminds us in the words they wrote and so did Father Bob, our time on this Earth is short. Don’t waste it.

Mary’s Meals is something else that I did not know about before meeting this band. This is a nonprofit that was created out of love to provide at least one healthy meal, for each school-aged child around the world. “Their mission is to provide aide to the areas of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest communities.” High South puts on benefit concerts each year to support Mary’s Meals. Maybe this is something for you to get involved in. Visit https://www.marysmealsusa.org/en/who-we-are/news-and-blogs/peace-love-and-harmony-for-marys-meals.

Special thanks to Ellie Lang and Sarah Houle the winners of our contest who finally received their Sherry’s Not So Famous Chocolate Chip Banana Bread last week. And a Happy Birthday to John, the best man I know.

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry town clerk and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.



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