Relax. Yes, the series with Detroit was a downer; but the All-Star break finds the Red Sox with the best record in baseball and a comfortable 10-game lead over Toronto and the Yankees in the American League East.

It's summer in New England. Time to leave one's cares behind at the lake or mountain retreat. No doubt, that's why Major League Baseball scheduled its All-Star Game for this time of year | to give fans a few days off from having to worry about wins and losses.

So enjoy the show. The half-dozen Red Sox players on the roster provides ample testimony to the team's success over the first half of the season.

Sure, their hitting wasn't what you'd call clutch last weekend in the Motor City. And Dice-K wasn't his usual masterful self on the mound Sunday.

But being swept by the team with the second-best record in baseball isn't such a disgrace, is it? And the Red Sox couldn't possibly blow a 10-game lead between now and the end of September, could they?

Guess life in Red Sox Nation wouldn't feel right without something to fret about.

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