To the editor:

Roughly one third of fossil fuel emissions in the United States come from power plants. New Hampshire is one of nine states that joined together to create the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to reduce those emissions.

Energy companies pay about $4 for each ton of carbon they pollute. Instead of plowing that revenue into increasing sources of renewable energy as originally planned, New Hampshire only invests one of those dollars. The rest is returned to industrial and commercial electricity consumers.

It would make more sense to invest all the money into programs like Net Neutrality, which pays small producers of renewable energy, like homeowners, towns and small businesses that use solar panels to create electricity, for the excess electricity they produce. They can sell it back to the utility at the same price they would have to pay to receive it from the utility (net neutrality).

Right now, the limit on renewable energy production by a municipality such as Derry is 1 mw per year. If this were raised to 5 mw per year as proposed in HB 466, Derry could cover not only the municipal electricity costs, but that of the schools also. Using the remaining $3 of carbon pollution credits to cover the costs of net metering, towns like Derry would be able to become net zero in electricity consumption in a matter of one or two years. It would also significantly reduce the amount of carbon pollution emitted by power plants since they would be using more renewable energy supply sources.

Please contact your representatives in the House and Senate in Concord and urge them to expand net neutrality to 5Mw so we can all reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Mary Till

Derry, N.H.


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