Congress must address climate change

To the editor:

It is time for Congress to take big action on climate change.

There are lots of potential approaches to reducing carbon emissions, and each will have various side effects that can be positive or negative.

One particular solution, called The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, will not only result in great reductions in carbon emissions but it will also benefit citizens like ourselves.

This bill uses market forces to drive down U.S. carbon emissions by an expected 40% in 12 years and 90% in 30 years, along with a border adjustment to incentivize global carbon pricing. An annually increasing fee is charged on carbon-based fuels at the source, and then all of the money collected from the fee is returned to all American households equally — one share per adult, and half a share per child. About 85% of households will either break even or come out ahead, and low income and racial minority communities will disproportionately benefit.

I am a senior in high school, and several of my classmates and I recently spoke to our Senator's office about climate policy. We heard that the particular approach Congress takes to address climate change is dependent on what they hear from constituents. Congress is going to do something, so let's tell them we support effective climate legislation that is also good for people.

Please send them an email at, asking them to cosponsor the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Katharine Gage



Thank you to sponsors

To the editor:

Friends of Veterans would like to thank all our donors, sponsors and players who made our annual golf fundraiser at the Baker Hill Golf Club a tremendous success.

This fundraiser, along with the many grants we receive, will allow us the opportunity to make this challenging year the fourth consecutive year of providing over $100,000 in financial assistance to veterans and their families who reside in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Our all-volunteer organization has operated continuously through very difficult times. Friends of Veterans provides financial assistance when eviction or foreclosure is imminent, utility assistance if shutoffs are threatened, vehicle repairs if the vehicle is needed for employment or medical appointments.

In addition, FOV assists with home repairs if it’s a livability issue, such as losing heat in the cold weather periods. We also assist veterans with PTSD to acquire a service dog when prescribed. We continue to provide assistance throughout the two-state area.

Vermont and New Hampshire veterans may apply via our website Inquiries may be made by email at or calling 802 296-8368.

Thank you, veterans, for serving our country.

Patt Taylor

President, Friends of Veterans


Derry ran a great election 

To the editor:

Prior to our election last week I volunteered to act as a citizen observer at the Derry Supervisor of the Checklist meeting to accept voter registrations and at the pre-processing of absentee ballots.

Also as a part of a statewide effort to monitor the polls on Election Day throughout New Hampshire, I was trained to look for and speak up to any irregularities or suppression of voters I noticed on Election Day. I didn’t see any, and the ballots were protected at all times.

What I did see in Derry were dedicated election workers — Democrats and Republicans — including the town moderator, town clerk and supervisors of the checklist, who went out of their way to make sure things went as smoothly, transparently and fairly as possible for voters.

I saw first-hand how hard our poll workers and public officials worked before and during the election. They were dealing with an exceptionally large number of both in-person and absentee voting. Because of their diligence, no one was denied his or her right to vote or asked to compromise his or her health, and all votes were counted as democracy requires.

We in Derry have every reason to be very proud of the way our in-person and absentee ballot elections were run.

Corinne Dodge



Thank you for allowing me to represent you

To the editor:

I would like to thank the citizens of Derry for the honor and privilege of serving as your representative in the New Hampshire House over the last two years.

As a member of the Democratic majority, I am proud of the work that we accomplished during the 2019-2020 session.

We passed a budget that provided additional funding to both our town and school district that totaled $7,873,361. Some additional provisions of the budget assured more funding to our university system, expanded mental health services, and increased support to the Child Advocate’s Office.

Many bills were passed to improve the quality of life for NH residents, such as those that protect water safety from PFAS contamination and another that lowers the costs of prescription drugs by limiting the co-pay charged for insulin.

I supported the net-metering bill, which would have been a great benefit to Derry, but that was vetoed by Gov. Chris Sununu.

In addition, there were issues that were inaccurately reported: I did not vote for a $168 million income tax, nor did I vote to raise business taxes, as alleged in a postcard mailed to voters.

The capital gains tax would have only applied to the wealthiest individuals in the state, approximately 5% with exceptions to 65 years and older. The revenue would have been designated to fund schools, resulting in lowering property taxes.

Finally, I would like to extend my congratulations to the candidates who were elected representatives to serve in the best interests of our town and our state.

Rep. Mary Eisner



The new president and climate change

To the editor:

Last Saturday it was announced that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. With a gain of 290 electoral votes, the former vice president has secured victory for the Democratic Party. One of Biden's biggest struggles he will face when in office will be climate change.

Luckily, the president-elect already has a wide-reaching plan to prevent the dangers of this climate crisis. Biden plans to introduce an overarching plan that will target the main offender, which is greenhouse gas emissions.

He plans to do it with or without Congressional aid and work with executive power alone. Biden will target infrastructure, create a new administration outside of the EPA to focus on climate change and add climate action to the Federal Reserve with a carbon pricing policy.

These actions need to be taken quickly, not only to undo the dangers the Trump administration allowed but to reach a net-zero carbon goal. The overall temperature of the Earth has risen by 2 degrees Celsius and will continue to rise without climate action.

If this happens it will create a dangerous series of events like an increase in deadly storms, less access to water, coastal flooding and a decrease in the food supply.

Joe Biden has a climate plan that will be key to stopping the effects of climate change within the United States and around the globe. If we are to avoid the dangers of climate change this plan needs to be put in place now.

Megan Pardoe


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