The new president and climate change

To the editor:

Last Saturday it was announced that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. With a gain of 290 electoral votes, the former vice president has secured victory for the Democratic Party. One of Biden’s biggest struggles he will face when in office will be climate change.

Luckily, the president-elect already has a wide-reaching plan to prevent the dangers of this climate crisis. Biden plans to introduce an overarching plan that will target the main offender, which is greenhouse gas emissions.

He plans to do it with or without Congressional aid and work with executive power alone. Biden will target infrastructure, create a new administration outside of the EPA to focus on climate change and add climate action to the Federal Reserve with a carbon pricing policy.

These actions need to be taken quickly, not only to undo the dangers the Trump administration allowed but to reach a net-zero carbon goal. The overall temperature of the Earth has risen by 2 degrees Celsius and will continue to rise without climate action.

If this happens it will create a dangerous series of events like an increase in deadly storms, less access to water, coastal flooding and a decrease in the food supply.

Joe Biden has a climate plan that will be key to stopping the effects of climate change within the United States and around the globe. If we are to avoid the dangers of climate change this plan needs to be put in place now.

Megan Pardoe



Trump undermining our democracy

To the editor:

As a New Hampshire Independent who votes for the candidates, not the party, I was hoping to heap some praise on Trump for his accomplishments, for example, increasing the Defense budget and promoting our military buildup, but he reverted to his typical lies (20,000 at last count documented by The Washington Post) and disinformation when referring to the outcome of the 2020 election.

Trump and many of his fanatical lockstep followers accused election officials in only states he lost of fraudulent activities. Bipartisan election officials, including Republicans, Democrats and Independents have an exemplary history of Americans processing ballots with honesty and due diligence.

Why is there fraud in the 2020 election just in six states Trump lost? Why isn't Trump questioning vote counts in the other 44 states? Why didn't Trump question vote counts in the 2016 election? In 2016 Clinton could have asked for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which she lost by a total of 84,000 votes, but she didn't.

Once again Trump is focused on himself and not the country. He is lashing out at our democratic system and principles, and he could undermine the bedrock foundation of our country.

His firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and a number of other key Pentagon officials is causing chaos within the Pentagon and jeopardizing our national security while we are vulnerable during the transition of administrations. Un-American Trump's refusal to allow Biden's team to contact government agencies for briefings could disrupt the functioning of our government. He is unwittingly aiding our enemies.

Donald Moskowitz



COVID-19 response help needed

To the editor:

The South Central New Hampshire Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is recruiting medical and non-medical volunteers to help with the COVID-19 response in the region.

Are you a practicing or retired medical professional or a concerned local citizen (with or without medical expertise), and interested in assisting your community during an emergency?

The MRC provides communities with medical and nonmedical volunteers trained to assist in the event of public health emergencies. Volunteers may be called to assist during emergencies, such as the COVID-19 response.

Activities may include but are not limited to greeting, registration and vaccine administration. Free training will be available within your scope of practice. For more information, please reach out to Kate MacDonald at or 603-505-7216.

Kate MacDonald, MPH 

Assistant Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

South Central Public Health Network


Many thanks to all involved in election

To the editor:

Election season and election day felt like an absolute whirlwind. Now that we’ve all had a chance to recoup, there are many thanks to be given.

Thank you to our election officials, polling place volunteers, municipal officials, and the janitorial staff who kept our polling places running smoothly and safely.

Thank you to the voters of Derry, Hampstead, and Windham for your active participation. We once again saw record-breaking turnout!

Thank you to Councilor Bourdon for running a spirited and vibrant campaign.

Thank you to everyone — Republican, Libertarian, and Democrat — who got involved this election cycle. Those who volunteered their time by holding signs at the transfer station, making calls, going door-to-door, assembling yard signs, and who did their best to get their candidate’s message out.

You are the unsung heroes and candidates cannot be gracious enough.

Lastly, thank you for re-electing me to serve as your voice in the state Senate. I am honored to represent you.

I look forward to meeting with many constituents and I’ve already submitted legislation on behalf of the district. I am excited to work with Gov. Chris Sununu and my colleagues in the Senate and House to ensure our state budget is balanced, our schools receive their fair share of funding, Exit 4A becomes a reality, and we create an economic environment that will allow our small businesses to flourish.

Thank you all! Please do not hesitate to reach out to my legislative office with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Regina Birdsell




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