A team working for Derry

To the editor,

Josh Bourdon and I have served together on the Derry Town Council for two years. During this time we have worked to bring new business to the town of Derry, business that will provide needed jobs and property tax relief to Derry's citizens. We have also worked to improve the quality of life here in Derry by funding rail trail improvements and conservation land acquisition. We continue to support Exit 4A. This project will reduce the traffic overload on Broadway and permit its restoration as a thriving business district while also opening up Folsom (Road) for business growth. I ask that when voting for Councilor-at-Large in the upcoming election, you vote for Josh Bourdon. Please don't break up a team that is working for Derry's future.

Richard Tripp

Town Councilor, District 1



In support of Josh Bourdon for Council

To the editor,

I am a Derry born and raised resident, Vietnam combat veteran with 52 years as a VFW member who asks you to support Josh Bourdon for Town Council. Josh fought the budget cuts two years ago to help restore the lost police and fire services. Josh has worked to help homeless veterans by holding winter clothing drives for Liberty House. Josh continues to work with Derry's social support services to reduce the effects of the opioid crisis here. I ask that you vote Josh for Councilor-at-Large in the upcoming election.

Tony Bruno



Leadership with sense, purpose and honesty

To the editor,

Having known Josh for many years as a friend, fellow father and volunteer for causes within our community, I know the kind of man and person he is and what he stands for. Being a family man, he draws inspiration, strength and support from his family and friends. He and I may not be on the same aisle for political parties, but that doesn't matter at the town level, in my opinion.

What matters is how he has taken on real challenges, looked for solutions that are good for our community and groups within and his admirable ability to balance work, family, volunteering, and public service. He leads by example with a conviction and commitment to the  community.

He co-founded Spin-a-thon for Hunger, Run for Recovery, and Keep Our Veterans Warm. Each of these endeavors provides direct support to organizations in our community or for a specific group.

He is out front leading the way for the Spin-a-thon with calls to assemble support and participants to raise donations for the Sonshine Soup Kitchen and the First Baptist Church Food Pantry.

He continues support for our veterans and veteran programs within the community through his volunteerism and action. He holds clothing drives for Liberty House and with assisting Derry's Memorial VFW Post 1617 to hand out Thanksgiving baskets to veterans and community families.

He has sat on the Derry Town Council and debated for you and I and what is right for the town, working even when things didn't go his way, working on behalf of all of Derry. He believes in processes of government and providing services with fiscal responsibility, not making hasty decisions and changes without contemplation.

His leadership with sense, purpose and honesty is what Derry needs as it looks to the future. Please join me and vote for Joshua Bourdon.

Leonard Perkins



Return Rob Breton to school board

To the editor,

This letter is to support the re-election of Rob Breton to the Windham School Board. 

While I have enjoyed working with the entire board, it is Rob who most closely reflects my voice. I appreciate that he listens closely to each issue before speaking up or voting. 

Through his comments and votes he provides balance between education needs, priorities and fiscal responsibility. He has also shown a good respect for the roles of the superintendent, the school administrative unit and the school board, supporting optimal function of each one. 

There are two open seats on the school board this year. It is without reservation that I recommend you to consider Rob Breton for one of your two votes. 

Rob St. Laurent 



We need more people like Bourdon

To the editor,

I want to recommend Josh Bourdon for re-election as Town Councilor in Derry. 

I’ve known Josh for four years now, and have interacted with him dozens of times. He’s a family man with a good heart who cares about people. He’s also bright, committed and a tireless worker. 

He was a huge help to one of Derry's largest food pantries, the one at the First Baptist Church, which I pastor. 

He conceived of and organized a new fundraiser, a Spin-a-thon, which raised several thousands of dollars for hunger relief. 

I was also at his home this past year when he and his wife Leah led a drive to collect winter clothing for U.S. veterans in need. He’s a joy to work with, and a man who honors his word. 

We need more people like him in politics.

Malcolm Widness 



Keep Derry moving forward, re-elect Bourdon

To the editor,

I submit this letter of support for Joshua Bourdon for a second term as a Councilor-at-Large in the town of Derry. 

I have known Joshua as a colleague while serving on the Derry Town Council for the past three years. In each of our contacts, Joshua has demonstrated a ready grasp and application of the fundamentals of town governance. 

He has earned an enviable reputation with the residents and taxpayers of Derry as a caring and committed town official who truly acts in the best interest of his constituents. Some of Joshua’s strengths while serving as a Town Councilor for the past three years include:

His fiscally responsible actions during the budget planning process to ensure that we retain essential services at an affordable cost to taxpayers,

Becoming a driving force and advocate for economic development and energy conservation in our community,

His active participation in the Derry community,

His ability to work collaboratively with individuals and groups, including fellow councilors and town administrators, to achieve common goals,

His ability to listen carefully to the needs of all residents,

His ability to develop the trust and confidence of Derry residents through his actions and interactions.

Bourdon’s background and experience in the field of human resource management has provided him with a repertoire of skills and techniques that allows him to be a resourceful and responsive leader.

His focus remains on continuous community improvement, and he has repeatedly demonstrated that he will extend himself to assist community residents in their efforts to accept and embrace change.

On a more personal basis, Joshua exhibits well-developed problem-solving and human relations skills. He knows how to involve people in the decision-making process and he is committed to making sure that the voice of the voters is heard when making decisions on behalf of the community.

It has been a pleasure to work with Joshua, and I personally respect his expertise, judgment, and advice. I urge you to keep Derry moving forward by re-electing Joshua Bourdon to a second term on the Town Council.

 David N. Fischer 

Town Councilor, District 3


Bourdon is commited to community

To the editor,

I'm writing this in hopes that those of you who are able to vote in this year's Town Council election, will consider Josh Bourdon. 

I have known Josh for several years and I have to say I have never met a young man with such commitment to our community. 

At every turn you can witness him helping our in some way. He is involved in the Spin-a-thon to help out the Sonshine Soup Kitchen. He has helped out in the Run for Recovery race for the Derry Friendship Center. Every year he puts on a drive to collect coats for the veterans. 

He's young, so I think that is where he gets all that energy, but I believe it's so much more that. I believe Josh has a big heart and has been willing, as long as I have known him, to reach out to those in need, and to commit to a better community. 

His presence on our council has proven to be what this town needs. A young, forward thinker, always looking at the big picture. He is a good friend and a good dad and husband. 

I don't know where he finds the time to do what he does, but I am grateful for it.

Please take the time to get to know him and I am sure you will see what I mean.

Carol Bowden

Chairman, Derry Friendship Center


Why We Need Joshua Bourdon 

To the editor, 

First I must share that as a man myself in longterm recovery from addiction, that the current drug crisis we are facing in Derry and America is always on my mind and that battle is dear to my heart. 

With the coming election for the position of Councilor-at-Large, I have seen first-hand the work of one man to help fight this battle. One man who helps raise money for this cause, and a man who sits in meetings with myself and others to do all we can to change lives, rescue those in pain, and truly save many from death's door. 

Joshua Bourdon, our current Councilor-at-Large is a man of great passion for the service he is called to in our town of Derry. 

There are many issues and causes to which he has fought hard for, and for this, I am thankful. 

Yet, as a recovered addict myself, one who once lost everything and nearly died many times, I am so grateful for living nearly 10 years now — happy, joyous and free from addiction here in Derry. That was only made possible by men and women such as Joshua! 

This is my very first letter to the editor, and I ask you all to please vote for those still struggling. 

Vote Joshua Bourdon for Councilor-at-Large. 

Minister Craig Barnaby 



The calming voice of reason and compassion in our town 

To the Editor:

Please join me in supporting Joshua Bourdon in his bid for re-election for Councilor-At-Large. 

In Josh’s three short years on the council, he has made tremendous strides in bringing our community together. 

Josh is a stand-up guy and was successful in funding the town’s critical services during a contentious budget season in his first year as councilor. 

Despite the sensitivity of any topics that come before the council, Josh always listens, respects the citizens, and truly demonstrates a kind and caring attitude.

Citizens feel like their opinions matter when dealing with Josh. This is such an important quality for a town councilor to consistently demonstrate. 

Respect is earned and handling himself the way he does, he has earned the respect of so many Derry residents.

Josh is a selfless trailblazer who leads by example. He is extremely active in the community and has raised money for so many deserving causes, including the Derry Friendship Center, the Sonshine Soup Kitchen, our local veterans, the Pan Mass Challenge and Childhood Cancer Awareness (a proud member of Ava’s Army), just to name a few. 

He works hard to help all those in need and his kindness towards others shines as an example to others.

Josh has more work to do and is committed to serving our town for another term. Please join me in voting for Josh Bourdon on Tuesday, March 14. 

He is experienced and is the calming voice of reason and compassion in our town.

Brenda Wilson



Vote for Bourdon and Wetherbee

To the editor,

I would like to ask the voters of Derry to support Joshua Bourdon and Neil Wetherbee for Council on March 14.

These two candidates have dedicated hours of time and effort to our community. They both represent a forward thinking vision for Derry and will continue to build on the work achieved this past year.

Josh, who is on the council, and Neil, a former councilor and chairman of the conservation commission, exemplify the level of leadership and commitment needed to do the work on the Town Council.

I hope the voters will agree and support these candidates on March 14.

Jim Morgan

Derry, Councilor-at-Large


Derry's own superhero 

To the editor,

In the land of the comics, superheroes abound. There is never a shortage of caped or masked crusaders, swooping in to save the day. But that is only in the movies. Right? No! Not in Derry. In Derry, we have a legitimate superhero in town, Town Councilor Joshua Bourdon.

Josh has always been the voice of reason during his tenure on the council. He is never intimidated from doing the right thing. 

Josh was Derry’s champion when cutting a fire station jeopardized public safety. His perseverance left the residents of Derry safer. 

Josh understands the responsibility of keeping taxes under control, but also understands that a community needs quality services to continue to grow. Josh has worked diligently to improve communications between the Town Council, the Derry School District and Pinkerton Academy.

His superhero status is not limited to his work as a Town Councilor. Josh is a champion of people. He is a community activist. 

Josh’s successful fundraising events have benefited the Sonshine Soup Kitchen, the Friendship Center and the Keep Veterans Warm program. He created the Net Zero Task Force, a group working to have Derry producing as much energy as it consumes by the year 2025.

Although you are more likely to see Josh wearing bike shorts as he trains for the PMC than his superhero cape, he is truly Derry’s own hero. On Election Day, please join me in voting for Joshua Bourdon.

Meg Morse-Barry



Energy prices need to be stabilized, and HB 324 can help

To the editor,

Raising a child is never easy, especially when life is full of so many unexpected surprises and challenges you never see coming. Being a father and raising a daughter while living on a fixed income is one of those unexpected challenges I currently face in my life. 

One of the most frustrating challenges I currently struggle with is the unpredictable nature of our energy bill each year. 

Each year the cost to operate my home continues to rise despite the fact that our lives are the same year in and year out. 

We haven’t purchased any new electronics, we watch the same amount of television, cook the same amount of meals, and heat and cool our home consistently from one year to the next.

While my income has not increased, my mortgage remains exactly the same, and our consumption of energy is virtually stagnant we continue to experience higher and higher energy bills each year. 

House Bill 324, which will be voted on early next year, will help stabilize energy prices for every ratepayer in the state of New Hampshire. 

By centralizing the processes of assessing property owned and operated by utility companies, it will put an end to senseless increases in energy bills that are occurring because of artificially inflated taxes imposed on utility companies in certain towns and the costly litigation that goes along with that.

House Bill 324 is common-sense legislation that will help everyone reduce their energy bills. 

Mark Boutot



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