Nelson committed to supporting smaller government

To the editor:

We have a Republican primary for state representative on Oct. 19th at West Running Brook School. As an independent voter who is an avid observer of town politics, I’m familiar with the candidates. And I’m pleased with the successes of our current Republican representatives at the Statehouse this past year, as well as the direction they are headed in.

I see only one candidate in the race who will be able to work with our current representatives, will stand for conservative values, will caucus with the Republican majority, and who will defend us from the Biden administration’s overreach. That candidate is Jodi Nelson.

Nelson is the candidate in the race who publicly supports the Republican budget signed by Gov. Chris Sununu. That budget returned money to towns to lower property taxes. It cut taxes for businesses, to spur growth. It lowered the rooms and meals tax. It created educational opportunities for students. It phases out the interest and dividends tax.

And New Hampshire joined 44 other states opposing late term abortions.

Nelson is committed to supporting what I value most — smaller government.

She will continue the work of spurring economic growth, lowering taxes and fees, and supporting educational opportunities for all children.

She will fully honor and defend our Second Amendment rights, to keep our communities safe. She will protect us from spend-happy, revenue-raising politicians who will raise our taxes.

I hope others will join me in supporting Nelson for Derry in the Republican primary. She will serve us well.

Michelle Navarro


Wetherbee an asset to Derry

For the past six years I have proudly served you as your town councilor. During this service I have had the esteemed privilege to work beside Neil Wetherbee and today I want to ask that you support Neil in the October 19 2021 Special Election as your Republican nominee for state representative.

Working with Neil, I have witnessed first hand his conservative fiscal values and his honest decisions that always put Derry first. When you look at the other candidates in this race Neil is the only one with a proven track record of consistent and dedicated service to Derry. Not a party, not a political group and not someone who will ignore Derry’s serious problems or represent less than all of us. Neil has and will continue to work for ALL OF DERRY and his experience leading Derry as a councilor allows him the benefit of knowing what is good for us and what is not.

Neil Wetherbee has been an asset to Derry. He has served his community and always has been fair and equal with his service. This is why I support Neil. This is the right fit for Derry. He is the candidate that will put Derry first and move Derry forward. Please join me in voting for change and voting for someone who truly will not be a disappointment to this community. Join me in voting for Neil Wetherbee Oct 19 on the Republican ballot.

James Morgan

Derry town councilor

Experience counts

To the editor:

My name is Tom Cardon, I am running in Derry’s special election for the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

This important position deserves to have someone with practical experience with the inner workings of the state legislature and also our town and community. I will make Derry a priority and work to support its citizens and taxpayers. Derry needs someone that will represent the best interest of the town and its citizens.

I was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives and proudly served from 2015-2016 as a member of the Transportation Committee. I served as chairman of the Town Council and have chaired the Property Maintenance Committee, Economic Develop Committee, Energy and Environmental Committee and the Net Zero Committee. I am currently serving as the secretary of the Net Zero Committee. The two energy committees that I served on, worked on projects that save the town of Derry almost a million dollars a year in energy costs. Prior to my serving Derry and the state of New Hampshire, I was a high school educator for more than 30 years.

My priorities are to preserve New Hampshire’s environmental and natural resources and I will never support a sales or income tax. Please support me in the upcoming special election on Oct. 19. In this election, experience counts.

Thomas Cardon


We can trust Nelson to put community first

To the editor:

There is only one candidate in the Derry Republican primary who will stand up for our Republican principles.

I am proud to endorse Jodi Nelson for state representative. I’ve known her for many years, and her dedication to Derry is apparent in her community involvement.

Nelson’s work with the Sonshine Soup Kitchen, the PTA, the Salvation Army, and the Boys and Girls club is exemplary. On top of that, I’ve always known her to be an individual who is positive and generous, is always volunteering or asking how she can help her friends and neighbors, and has the much needed temperament to be a problem-solver in the Statehouse.

Derry and the state of New Hampshire would truly benefit by electing Jodi Nelson to be their next state representative

Nelson is committed to supporting our business community; she supports our students and their educational choices; she will stand with our veterans, police, fire and first responders; and she will fight to protect your paychecks and hard-earned money from new taxes, fees, or tax increases.

Nelson is the only candidate in the race who has publicly opposed President Joe Biden’s mandates which seek to tell New Hampshire residents and businesses how they should conduct themselves.

We can trust Nelson to put her community first and to protect taxpayers from Concord’s bureaucracies and elected officials who think bigger government is the solution.

I hope voters join me in supporting Jodi Nelson in the Republican primary on Oct. 19.

State Sen. Regina Birdsell


Celebrating the library

To the editor:

I just had to give a “shout out” to the Derry library and staff. I’ve been a patron for 50 years and am a huge fan.

However, let week the evening staff went above the call of duty to get me the audio book I requested, which had arrived (inter-library loan) but had not been processed.

I was unable to return the next day when it would have been available for pickup, and staff stopped what they were doing to accommodate me. Such wonderful patron service. Thank you!

Barbara Grant


Nelson committed to community

To the editor:

In the upcoming primary on October 19, you have the opportunity to choose a Republican candidate who is very committed to the Derry community, has been a lifelong Republican and who is a devoted wife and mother. That candidate is Jodi Nelson.

Jodi has been involved in numerous volunteer efforts in town. These include the PTA, the Boys and Girls Club and the Sonshine Soup Kitchen. She has served for several years as the vice chairman of the Derry Republican Town Committee, working hard to elect many good people to local, county, state and federal office. She and her husband, Scott, have raised their three children here and they are currently very involved in the education, baseball and hockey activities of their youngest child, Luke.

We don’t live in Derry, but we do know the kind of individual with whom we would very much like to serve and who would serve effectively. We respectfully recommend Jodi Nelson to the Republicans of Derry in the primary on October 19th. The polls will be open that day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at West Running Brook Middle School.

Wayne MacDonald

Doug Thomas

Londonderry state representatives

Let the data be the reason

To the editor:

At the end of the school board meeting on September 28, it was sad to hear the school board members called cowards, war criminals, and committing genocide. I realize the wearing of masks has become a controversial issue but to stoop to name calling does nothing to contribute to the discussion on this issue.

It certainly has not helped that public health officials originally told the public that masks do not help. Governors have told its citizens to mask up and then these same governors are caught not masking up. Unfortunately, this erodes the trust in our public officials and leads to people doubting what they say.

The school officials have stated that they will be following the state Department of Health guidelines. Yes, these are guidelines not mandates. But it is basis of the policies that the school district will follow. And they are put in place for the greater good of the school community while understanding it may negatively impact a small subset of students.

There are hundreds of students and staff in each school. So, the policies are weighted on protecting the school community. Simply letting the parents decide what is best for their child without consideration of the entire school building community puts others at risk.

To say school officials are reading the wrong information implies that the person has firsthand knowledge of the issues surrounding mask wearing. Instead of name calling, please provide your data. Let the data be the reason to refute the guidelines.

Bruce Kling


Military could help unload ships

To the editor:

COVID restrictions and a shortage of dock workers have contributed to a backlog of cargo ships waiting to offload at U.S. ports. As of the end of September dozens of ships are anchored or adrift waiting to enter New York City, New Jersey, Long Beach, California, and Los Angeles ports. The backlog is causing supply chain shortages of goods across the country and is impacting the upcoming holiday shopping season.

A possible remedy might be the use of National Guard and other military personnel to help unload the ships. There are equipment operators in units within the United States.

After a Navy enlistment and graduation from college in June 1963, I was a new ensign in the Navy aboard the USS Tanner out of the Brooklyn, New York, Navy Yard. I was assigned as the officer in charge of a Navy detail designated to offload mail from a ship docked in NYC. The dock workers were on strike so we were temporarily tasked to offload the mail.

With any needed training we should utilize our available military personnel to help alleviate labor shortages in emergency situations whenever it is within the law and feasible to utilize them.

Donald Moskowitz


Jodi Nelson for state Rep.

To the editor:

Derry has a Special Election coming up and I am proud to support my good friend Jodi Nelson for state representative. I have known Jodi for many years and as I have worked alongside her I have come to know her well and there is no one better suited for the job. She has an outstanding work ethic, takes her commitments seriously, is professional, and is kind and fair with everyone she meets. She always takes time to hear all sides of everyone’s views and would be great to represent us in Concord.

In addition to being a great friend, she is a mom that has an amazing resume and a diverse work background that will be valuable as a legislator. She was involved with the East Derry Memorial Elementary School PTA for six years where she was treasurer for two years, she was involved with the Hood Middle School PTSA for three years, has done work in hospital management, operations management including business start ups, she was a private equity firm corporate trainer, and has also been a waitress and a secretary.

She is extremely knowledgeable on many subjects and pays close attention to what is going on in the world. I hope that you will join me in supporting Jodi.

Danielle Rieger


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