Concerns about Anne Copp's actions

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to express my deep concerns over newly-elected state Rep. Anne Copp’s actions.

It appears as though one of her first acts as a representative-elect was to sign on to “Terminate the state of NH and the office of Governor.”

As a candidate running for the New Hampshire House of Representatives this past fall, I followed the candidates running for office and didn’t hear anything about this issue.

I think she owes the residents of Derry an explanation of this far-fetched idea.

She should also offer information as to what the plans are moving forward should this far-fetched idea succeed.

With such a major change in our state, she at least owes the people which she represents an explanation.

After she offers her explanation she should promptly resign.

Thomas Cardon



Trump is assaulting our democracy

To the editor:

President Donald Trump exhorted his followers in the crowd at his rally on Jan. 6, to march to the U.S. Capitol and express their anger with the election.

His anarchists rioted and broke into the Capitol injuring police officers and damaging property. An element of Trump's followers is similar in ideology to Hitler's Nazi hordes who took control in Germany in the1930s. This fifth column movement inspired by Trump is an ongoing danger to our democracy.

Corrupt Trump tried but failed to get the Secretary of State in Georgia to justify changing approximately 12,000 votes from the presidential election in favor of Trump so he could declare victory in Georgia, and then Trump would be in a position to say his fraudulent election claims in a number of other states are valid.

Unfortunately, a number of U.S. senators and representatives have gone along with Trump's claims so they can align themselves with Trump's following of radical sympathizers. These politicians even tried to overturn the election on Jan. 6,  when the approved electoral votes of the states were brought forward for approval in Congress.

Trump lost his cases in the courts, and then the corrupt president tried to circumvent the will of the people by coercing Republican lawmakers in swing states to overturn the election and appoint pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College.

He has placed his self-interest above the country's interests, and he is sabotaging Biden's incoming administration. Trump is trying to turn the civilian leadership in the Pentagon into a politicized organization by infiltrating highly political, unqualified personnel, including former campaign staff, and this might pose a danger to our country.

The outgoing corrupt and vindictive president is sabotaging the incoming administration and assaulting our democracy, and he is promoting a radical anti-American following in the U.S. Trump's comments and actions are consistent with that of current and former dictators, including Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Kim Jong Un and Putin. He is the closest this country has come to having a dictator as president, and he and his followers bear close scrutiny in the future.

Donald Moskowitz


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