Biden administration, government violate basic rights

To the editor:

It’s no surprise that under President Joe Biden, we Americans find ourselves in a new game of Bill of Rights Violation Bingo.

If you are Donald Trump, the New York Post, Douglass Mackey — currently imprisoned by the FBI for “weaponized memes” on social media — Parler, or any American who spoke critically of Democrats on social media in the past 48 months, you may check off “the First Amendment” — your right to free speech has been violated with impunity since 2016.

If you are a legal, mentally competent gun owner living in the United States finding yourselves unable to bear arms in your own country, or being placed onto watchlists for simple gun ownership, and heard Joe Biden say on Valentine's Day, "I am calling on Congress to enact common-sense gun law reforms including requiring (federal) background checks on all gun sales," you may check off the Second Amendment. Your right to bear arms has been steadily violated for a decade now.

If you are a Bank of America customer, who had your personal financial transaction data scanned without a warrant on behalf of “insurrection” investigating federal authorities after Jan. 6, you may check off the Fourth Amendment which protects “your effects” (digital or otherwise as ruled by the Supreme Court repeatedly) from such intrusion, as it has been violated. Bank of America was surely not alone in this transgression, they are only alone in being caught. But you may only check that box once.

If you are Donald Trump, Douglass Mackey, any Republican judicial nominee, or one of the many "political prisoners" in America today for having views that offend the political ruling class, your Sixth Amendment rights to due process and your Eighth Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment have been violated.

And finally, if you live in any of the 50 states in the United States of America, you have had your 10th Amendment rights — reaffirming (not establishing) the supremacy of state’s rights over the federal government — thrown out the window by your federal government over the past decades. Be it immigration law, minimum wages, mask-mandates, school shutdowns, new gun laws, healthcare provisions, removal of all congressional term limits in 1995, or interstate bailouts (either explicit such as the current COVID “relief” bill of blue state pension systems, or implicit such as subsidization of high-tax states such as New York by low tax states such as New Hampshire through a scheme such as state and local tax — or SALT — deductions) — your state's rights have been completely trampled by your federal government.

Hurry up if you want to play, America. Many of your fellow citizens have already filled up their Bill of Right Bing Violation Cards, and Joe Biden’s pen and his squad puppet string pullers are speeding up the violations.

Nick McNulty




Hug your trees

To the editor:

My wife and I are habitual tree huggers. We tend to all 24 of the trees on our property as often as possible, and they are wonderful trees. Back in 1978, our lot was devoid of all vegetation, so we started planting trees soon after our house was constructed. 

We planted all of the trees in the first 10 years, including maples, birch, crab trees, willows and pines.

Unfortunately, many people today are not tree huggers. They cut down trees to make room for additions, pools, play areas and the availability of sunshine. The chain saws are very active and the thunder of fallen trees is quite earth-shattering.

What bothers us the most is the lack of concern for the environment. Trees cleanse the air by absorbing pollutants generated by the burning of fossil fuels. In particular, trees absorb carbon emissions and emit oxygen. The more trees that come down the more carbon in the air, and the greater the pollution and health risk to the population.

We would love to see more tree-hugging by people. Please save your trees and plant more trees.

Donald Moskowitz



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