Biden’s use of executive pen reverses damage inflicted by Trump

To the editor:

President Joe Biden has spent his first weeks in office doing exactly what the fans of his predecessor Donald Trump were afraid he’d do. He has signed (approximately) an more than 40 executive orders cancelling and dialing back many of the most misguided and anti-human statutes Trump instituted that roiled America domestically and internationally over the past four years.

After the ceremonious and thankfully catastrophe-free Inauguration Day, Biden and entourage hustled over to his new home the White House, where that evening in the Oval Office he rolled back some of the most onerous Trump-instituted regulations with 17 strokes of his pen.

America is back in the World Health Organization and has rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, delighting the informed progressive demographic and enraging the science-averse crowd. He stopped work on Trump’s border wall boondoggle on the Mexican border, saving the United States billions of dollars on a project that was never going to be “paid for by Mexico” as Trump had quixotically boasted four years ago, and wound up with our tax dollars funding it as Trump declared the construction a response to a “national emergency.”

And toss in canceling the permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would have become an environmental disaster from Alberta, Canada to Illinois. And applaud Biden for appointing Dr. David Kessler as COVID-19 vaccine czar, bringing science instead of right-wing one-liners back into the equation as distribution of vials ramps up and mutations of the original virus continue to form.

And as an added bonus we don’t have to worry about seeing and reading about south-of-the-border kids being separated from their parents and caged while ICE figures out what to do with them. And the LGBTQ population can also heave a sigh of relief as workplace discrimination against these people has been outlawed again, which also allows the transgendered to once more join our armed services.

No Inauguration Day in our nation’s history ever had so much legislation effected in one day: there were no post-speeches Partying-Till-Dawn allowed on this occasion.

In the ensuing days, the flurry of signatures continued, ranging from an array of COVID19 regulations enforcing mask-wearing on federal grounds to instructing OSHA to do the same along with other safety measures on non-Federal workplaces. This is all in stark contrast with Trump’s worse-than-lackadaisical “approach” to the pandemic, scoffing at mask wearing and social distancing and going maskless himself on numerous occasions in public and urging his flock to do the same. This added the new English word “superspreader” into our ever-widening lexicon, which is exactly what all of Trump’s campaign appearances before his election loss amounted to.

Also, his reopening of Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (, an initiative that was savaged over the past four years by the Trump administration and caused millions of OBAMACARE recipients to lose their healthcare benefits, was one of his signature promises during the campaign and happily effected promptly.

But one of the new president’s boldest initiatives that the nation will be watching closely is his pledge to up the wattage of COVID-19 vaccinations of our citizens from just under a million a day currently to 1.5 million during his first 100 days in office. This is extremely ambitious, and is a marked difference from the hands-off approach adopted by the prior administration in its last couple of weeks, Trump spending much of his time in near-isolation feuding with then vice-president Mike Pence and tweeting about the “stolen election” until Twitter mercifully permanently suspended his account.

And finally Biden's exhortation to our federally-run companies and corporations to “Buy American” should please both sides of the aisle, a promotion of great importance with all the hits our businesses, small and large, have taken over the past year of the pandemic. “The key plank of ensuring the future will be 'Made In America,' " Biden said of his plan to boost American manufacturing. "That means we're going to use taxpayers' money to rebuild America. We'll buy American products and support American jobs."

If hard work is any harbinger of a new administration’s chances for success, Americans couldn’t have asked more of the Biden/Harris team’s first few days in power. Much more difficult battles are forthcoming, when the entire House and Senate will be joining in and have their opportunities to shape the country into what it should be, and not the sorry state it sank to over the past four years.

William F. Klessens



The New Hampshire way is under attack

To the editor:

What does “the New Hampshire way” mean? To me it means ingenuity, self-reliance, local control, frugality, community, loving the land.

These values are under attack from House Bill 315, aptly renamed “The Monopoly Protection Act.”

Last year Gov. Chris Sununu signed the Community Power Law, allowing cities and towns to choose where their electricity comes from. Here was “the New Hampshire way.”

Community Power promotes Yankee ingenuity: Nashua would create power from its multiple hydro-electric dams; Lebanon would turn landfill gas into energy. Communities deciding for themselves how to meet their electricity needs? That’s local control and self-reliance! As technologies advance, each town or city could determine the services they want to offer their citizens – and get the best price possible.

Speaking of price, what New Hampshire municipality would ignore saving money on power bills? Those reduced rates wouldn’t just be for town operations – that reduced-price power would be available for all their citizens. Citizens would decide together how they want their Community Power plan to work. And as more communities opt for renewable energy sources, we protect our precious environment.

That may be a short-lived dream. Eversource requested HB 315, requiring all New Hampshire to get their power only from our traditional utility companies. Our fuel would come from out-of-state. Remember when King George insisted the 13 colonies only buy their tea from England? This is the same kind of monopoly. Don’t grant Eversource their monopoly wish. Support local control, local energy, local jobs, local savings. Urge your representatives to defeat HB 315.

Susan Richman



Is the government afraid of the people?

To the editor:

I was just thinking how the Capitol in Washington now has been completely fenced off for the protection of the congress members. Is the government afraid of the people?

Maybe they think there's another insurrection in the works? Is that why the government needs tens of thousands of National Guard troops patrolling the Capitol? The riot was a failure of Capitol policing and nothing more.

Over 70 million people voted for Donald Trump. Is the Democratic administration trying to tell them something? President Joe Biden said he would unite the country. It couldn't be any more clear that this fence is dividing those with the power and the rest of us.

Guy Laplante



To the editor:

We would like to thank everyone who came to the School Deliberative Session on Feb. 5.

Beginning in October, our District Office staff enters "budget season" and begins drafting a budget for the next school year that tries to balance fiscal responsibility while continuing to deliver the quality of education our community expects.

This is no small task, and this process continues through January with a series of public budget hearings. Throughout this proposal, the School Board remained aware of the increases in the upcoming budget and removed $414,380 from the initial budget proposed by the superintendent.

The School Board also reduced the amount being requested in warrant articles by over $196,000, and is requesting that we use funds from the June 30 fund balance to cover warrant articles 4, 6 and 9, rather than raising the money through additional property taxes. Community members will vote on the final budget on March 9.

We were humbled by the support and engagement our community showed for the school district, and we are lucky to live in a community where members are willing to come to a public hearing and share their thoughts.

We also welcome increased community involvement and invite you to share your thoughts with us at If you would like to reach out to school board members individually, all of our home phone numbers are on the Londonderry Schools website.

We strive to continue to meet the needs of our community, and hearing from you enables us to do that.

Amy Finamore

Londonderry School Board



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