To the editor:

We often talk about giving service to our community. Today, let’s remember Bob Lincoln of Londonderry — a man who gave his time quietly to our community and got things done.

Many citizens will recall seeing Bob Lincoln riding his tractor through ungroomed areas behind the schools to create and improve the fields for the children in our town.

Bob played his part in these improvements, as well as many dedicated parents who wanted to have a better playing field experience for their children. You can now see Bob’s name on the street sign upon entering Londonderry High School parking lot. That’s a well-deserved honor for Bob Lincoln.

Before citizens like Bob stepped up to help improve our community, many will remember how some coaches would line up their teams prior to a game in a solid straight line across the field and ask the team members slowly to walk the field and pick up hazardous rocks, some the size of a baseball. Removing these rocks was especially helpful for soccer and lacrosse games.

Thankfully, the Town Council later created the West Road fields with a generous donation from Continental Paving.

My point in writing these words and remembering this story of the sports fields is that in years past the officials serving our town government found a way to work together with countless Londonderry citizens, and sports club volunteers to create a town success story, which was improving the sports facilities for Londonderry teams.

Let’s hope this town spirit of cooperation between local government and citizens continues so we can have community voices that benefit families and the community as a whole.

Let us pledge in the spirit of Lions Club member Bob Lincoln to give the gift of what is best for the community by caring about our town in a manner that doesn’t involve a lot of noise and finger pointing, just like we were able to accomplish many, many years ago.

It’s a vision we should all strive for as we recall how Bob Lincoln, a past member in our community worked hard years ago to commit to improving the town of Londonderry in a quiet and civil manner.

Tom Dolan


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