The die is cast

To the editor:

The privileged class of Congress has spoken. What kind of America will we be?

Republican Senators voting to acquit former President Donald Trump have steered our country toward rocky reefs of autocracy, where oaths of office mean nothing but the means to power.

Their votes have proclaimed they no longer stand for values and principles encoded in the lives and writings of our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) in 1787, nor the brave women and men who have fought and died for America throughout our history. 

To the Republican wing of the Senate, facts and truth continue to be irrelevant. Democratic House managers provided America with a "master class" in democracy, attended by 50 Democratic Senators and seven Republican Senators. The enduring shame of it is that those 43 Republican Senators who voted acquittal were truant and skipped class. They failed spectacularly!

Those who voted to acquit revealed their true cynicism and disdain for our constitution when they rose and applauded the Congressional Gold Medal given to true hero and Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman. Goodman represented the bravery and honor shown by his "blue" brothers and sisters who risked, and in one case gave, their lives in service of protecting those same Republicans who have now stained themselves and our country.

Stealing from President Abraham Lincoln, "The world ... can never forget what they did here."

How much more future hate, malevolence and cowardice will America endure because the Senate and leader Mitch McConnell didn't do their jobs?

Herb Moyer




Gov. should stop any gerrymandering  

To the editor:

Gov. Chris Sununu has indicated that while he will not accept gerrymandering in the redistricting process this year, he believes that gerrymandering is extremely rare in New Hampshire.

However, there is growing concern among the voting public that the party in power may be tempted to gerrymander. Recent reports in the Union Leader and WMUR indicate that this temptation has already started.

The GOP Chair Steve Stephanek publicly bragged that because his party would be in charge of redrawing the district maps, he could guarantee that New Hampshire would be sending a conservative candidate to fill our Congressional seat in Washington in 2022.

This kind of thinking is a threat to our democracy, and very disturbing to voters who want to know that their vote will count fairly in 2022.

Legislators have a duty to their constituents to make sure that redistricting is done fairly, transparently and in a nonpartisan manner. Voters and all Redistricting Committee members must have access to all relevant information, but this has not always been the case according to reports in 2011 by the League of Women Voters, public officials and voters.

I hope the govenor — as the leader of his party and because he is the governor of all New Hampshire citizens — stands up and publicly calls for redistricting to be fair, absolutely nonpartisan, transparent to the press and open to voters for input at all stages of the process.

Corinne Dodge




It doesn't have to be us against them 

To the editor:

Though the final death toll of the Texas winter storm will take months to determine, at least 57 people have died so far. People dealt with water shortages, broken pipes and water damage to their homes as well as job and wage losses. Recovery costs are expected to exceed $50 billion, the most costly storm in Texas history.

Much has been written about the lack of preparedness of the energy infrastructure for an extreme weather situation, but it pretty much boils down to Texas, rather than becoming part of a national well regulated grid, wanting to do it “their way,” to lower costs and make more profit.

According to former Texas governor Rick Perry, Texas citizens are willing to endure this kind of disruption, suffering and danger “to keep the federal government out of their business.”

Too bad for Texas that New Hampshire had already taken “Live Free or Die” and they had to settle for “Friendship” as their state motto. But, maybe “Friendship” is a better motto for them.

Texans are applying for billions of federal tax dollars to bail them out. Suddenly big, bad government is their best friend. This is not a healthy relationship.

Business knows what is best for their shot-term bottom line. It’s the government’s job to work with them to take into account the long-term interests of people and the environment. It doesn’t have to be us against them — it should be a cooperative effort. We are all in this together.

Cynthia Muse




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