Republicans take credit for something they didn't do

To the editor: 

The Page 1 article in the Oct. 17 Derry News was very misleading.

Not to blame your reporter. She simply reported what she saw and heard, where the governor and the Republicans interviewed falsely claimed credit for this influx of money to Derry.

In reality, they were like the person delivering pizza claiming credit for the great taste. We all know this not to be true.

Derry people deserve to know the truth. The check from the governor was largely the result of the leadership of our elected Democrats in Concord. Only one state representative from Derry, Democrat Mary Eisner, voted for this school and town aid all spring. And Mary Eisner was not even invited to the staged photo op that appeared in our paper.

After the governor vetoed these Democratic budgets, all our Derry Republicans voted to sustain his vetoes. Why? Because he and they prioritized lower business taxes — relevant mostly for large corporations — over urgently needed support for our schools and lowering property taxes.

It was only after the Democrats offered some significant budget compromises and the governor agreed to lower his obstruction regarding the business taxes, did the governor and the Republicans agree to support the Democratic numbers for town and school aid. Both sides compromised, but the Democrats stood fast on town and school aid.

So remember when you vote next year, it's not who delivered your pizza but who prepared and cooked it.

Charlie Zoeller



Where's the climate change?

To the editor: 

All well and good, but shouldn't at least one of the many "climate," global warming, cooling seas rising, falling, and whatever is fashionable this week, predictions actually happen before we turn over the economy of the United States to these rent seeking bureaucrats?

Bob Chenelle



Stop denying climate change 

To the editor:

There’s an unfortunately large percentage of ostrich-necked Americans out there blissfully clinging to their factoid fiction denying the now-obvious realities about the climate change problem currently ravaging our world.

Most of these deniers are the type who wouldn’t think of reading any accredited scientific journal or essay by actual field experts like Michael Mann and Wallace Broecker. They’re instead awaiting the OK from anti-science TV and radio talkmeisters like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity et al. to actually demonstrate a brain regarding the catastrophe happening before our very eyes, and get their lemming fans to take a second look at the issue.

But fat chance of that: it’s always easier for conservative listeners to simply surround themselves with media voices that agree with them on all the ignorance out there propagated by President Donald Trump and the Washington GOP than to actually finally stretch yourself a bit and pick up a Scientific American or a Discover. 

Most of us remember the vast coverage given 20 or so years ago about the plight of the polar bears up north in Canada and towards the Arctic Circle. Lots of articles and TV magazine shows delivered the burgeoning facts to anyone interested about the Incredible Shrinking Icebergs that were robbing the bears and other mammal and bird species of any vestige of solid land necessary for their survival. 

On the worldwide level the results of our inaction (especially since Trump pleased his adoring flock by pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord) has been devastating. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef’s coral is nearly 60% bleached out and 80% dead, as are large amounts of every other coral growths in our oceans.

Much of Greenland’s ice has melted, as have millions of acres of the former icebergs at our northern and southern hemispheres. This includes the brand-new shape that Antarctica’s edges have devolved into in recent years, all contributing to the rise in our sea levels.

The greenhouse effect can (and is) easily demonstrated by schoolchildren at home or in science class with a glass or plastic terrarium coupled with a heat source and some sunshine. And any adult with a soupçon of common sense should be able to comprehend the havoc wreaked in our atmosphere by fossil fumes, since the Industrial Revolution began in England back in the late 18th century, by just comparing the world that pre-Revolution had a miniscule level of air contaminants created by man with the present pollution surrounding us from car emissions, coal factories and the like. This is just another reason why Trump’s ugly rollback of former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton’s various green laws are having a devastating effect on an already-deteriorating atmosphere, which will only be exacerbated as years go on unless Trump is defeated next year and these safeguards can be reinstituted.

Finally to all those uninformed, stubborn knowledge-renouncers: if you don’t care about yourselves and the state of Earth during yours (and my) duration of life here, maybe a little time spent thinking about the youth of the world, including your own children, is in order. They, and not us, are the ones who will be reaping the most cataclysmic effects of America’s current inaction. One wonders very correctly how much these Trumpsters even think about what should be an important topic for all of us. And it definitely should spur us on for a 2020 replacement of the fraud currently inhabiting the White House, a man and a political party that has done their level best to throw America and the world back to the unenlightened mess that we currently occupy.

William F. Klessens

Salem, N.H.

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