Dodd offers a sound plan

To the editor:

On Saturday, Nov. 3, the Windham Democratic Town Committee hosted a blueberry pancake breakfast at the Searles School with presidential candidate Sen. Chris Dodd speaking on lessening our dependence on foreign oil and promoting alternative fuels, including the biofuel ethanol.

Sen. Dodd promotes a corporate tax for carbon dioxide polluters as an incentive for businesses to convert to new and more efficient fuels. To bring our soldiers home from the civil war in Iraq, he advocates more international organizational diplomacy, given his experience of ending U.S. military involvement in Central America. Sen. Dodd's health care plan includes more availability of commercial health insurance and more health care services for returning veterans.

Ted Kennedy Jr. introduced his senator from Connecticut. Kathy Sullivan, former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and Councilor Beverly Hollingworth also spoke about future leadership in the country and state. Jay Buckey, candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke about improved health services in New Hampshire and use of alternative sources of energy.

The gathering was in front of the new highway connector from Hampstead to Windham ready to open to traffic.

Joan Crimlisk


Clinton values work, family life

To the editor:

There sure is a lot of rhetoric out there about American family values. It is time for a value system that incorporates both women and men as valuable members of American society. With the economy being what it is, most families are two-income families, with both mother and father working outside the home in order to make ends meet. Many other families opt to drastically reduce or eliminate work responsibilities when raising their young children.

I was one of the lucky ones. After earning advanced degrees and working professionally, I chose to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom (for embarrassingly longer than is customary). The financial sacrifice was well worth it for me. I'm one of those "poor but happy" passionate parents losing sleep at night thinking up ways I can make sure my child and every child gets everything they really need to be healthy and happy.

The best way I can do that is to vote for Sen. Clinton.

Hillary really gets it. She is both a mother and a professional who knows what it will take to help American workers balance family life and work responsibilities. Her goals for the American economy will help put an end to gender discrimination in the workplace based on pregnancy and maternity leave. It will also allow time off for loyal, hardworking men and women employees to care for a sick family member when needed. She will work with the Department of Labor to ensure a cooperative effort between employers and employees that balances the needs of workers with the need for healthy profits.

It is time for an administration that values both work and family life. Her vision for our country is not scary but it is exciting! She wants to help ensure that all Americans can aspire to greatness and not only hope for it but achieve it. Professional lives and family lives should not have to be an either/or choice for women or men.

The Rev. Lynne Laval-Yeh


Impressed by Clinton

To the editor:

I recently had a “Fall for Hillary” house party to celebrate Hillary’s birthday. There was so much interesting conversation about where Hillary stands on health care, the Iraq war and women’s issues. Everyone came with their own ideas about where they stood regarding those things that are important in their lives. They soon realized just how in line Hillary Clinton is regarding what direction they want our country to be going. There were some who had never met Hillary or been to an event for Hillary. After realizing they had so much to contribute on Hillary’s behalf to support her, whether it is coming in the office to volunteer or telling their friends about her, they wanted to do more, and that is what getting our voices heard is all about.

I encourage all of you to attend a house party if you get the chance. You may feel like you don’t know anyone, but I promise it will be worth your time and effort to make a difference in this election. It is only a couple of months away and it is approaching quickly. We need all of us to do our part for New Hampshire.

Tammy Siekmann


Obama for diplomacy, civil liberties

To the editor:

As chairwoman of the Rockingham County Democratic Committee, I am fortunate to have had the ability to see and hear all of the Democratic presidential candidates numerous times. I am proud that we have such an excellent group of people vying for the Democratic nomination. I can easily support any one of them in the general election. In fact, I will vigorously support and work for whichever of them is nominated at the end of the primary season.

As county party chairwoman, I have encouraged our committee members to attend as many candidate functions as they can and to support the candidate of their choice. The county committee does not endorse a candidate in a primary election. However, as an individual, and speaking only for myself and no one else (including my husband), I have decided to endorse Sen. Barack Obama.

The moment Sen. Obama is elected, a new image of America will be presented to the world. Instead of undermining America’s reputation for reasonable and prudent behavior by constantly threatening war as the present administration has done, Sen. Obama will turn first to diplomacy and negotiation to reach rational solutions to the world’s problems. Only as a very last resort would he turn to the use of military force.

Sen. Obama spoke out against the war in Iraq in 2002, when many others had not yet realized what a terrible mistake it was to invade that country. He continues to oppose a reckless foreign policy. Most recently, on Nov. 1, Sen. Obama introduced S.J.RES.23, a joint resolution stating that the use of force against Iran has not been authorized by Congress.

In addition, Sen. Obama will undo the damage to the Constitution of the United States caused by the Bush administration, and restore this document to its rightful place as a protection of the individual rights of all citizens. Taking away our civil liberties does not guarantee our safety. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

By electing Barack Obama, America can show its best face to the world | respect for individual differences, compassion for those in need, and a desire to work in harmony with other nations.

Lenore Patton


The strength of truth

To the editor:

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." -- Thomas Jefferson ("Notes on the State of Virginia," 1781)

John Burtis


Dems putting soldiers in danger

To the editor:

Is the Democrat-controlled United States House of Representatives trying to get American soldiers killed on purpose? Clearly they’ve made political hay out of the death of our young warriors and now it seems they are intentionally trying to get more of them killed. Can it possibly be their power lust is more important than the lives of our soldiers?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly said she would bring to the House floor a bill denouncing the Armenian genocide that occurred from 1915-1918. While the genocide is factual and there may be a time when denouncing it in Congress is worthy, Pelosi's timing could not be worse.

Pelosi is a buffoon. Once again she has disgraced her office and our nation through her careless foray into foreign policy.

Turkey is our ally and is now enraged at the actions of Ms. Pelosi. She has single-handedly created an environment and potential for a new battleground for our military.

The question that begs to be asked is, Is this just amateur hour or is she deliberately trying to get Americans killed for political gain? She is playing a deadly game.

There is no excuse for this despicable abuse of power, although I am quite sure one of her lackeys will try to make one. I look forward to hearing from the Pelosi twins -- Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes -- as they continue to walk behind Pelosi with a shovel, dustpan, and trashcan on wheels.

Shea-Porter said Pelosi was always right and she’s proud to be her partner. Shea-Porter said this even after Pelosi slept in the terrorist-supporting nation of Syria.

It’s time to fire Shea-Porter and Hodes. It’s time to send the Democrat-controlled Congress packing and we have one year to build an organization dedicated to showing them the door.

If you want to be a part of the firing team, please visit or call the New Hampshire Republican State Committee at 225-9341. Together we can stop the lunacy that is the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives.

Carol Shea-Porter? I cannot support her.

Dan Steinbach


Richardson in touch internationally

To the editor:

Bill Richardson is the only candidate with the experience to serve our country on the international level. I recently read a speech that he gave in Des Moines, Iowa, and it just proves to me again that he stands out among the field of candidates. We live in a global world, and the president of the United States has to lead more than just our own country. Unlike the Bush administration, which ignored the United Nations, Gov. Richardson’s service as a U.N. ambassador puts him in the perfect position to work with the international community.

I keep noticing more and more that the important problems today need global solutions. The governor discussed everything from poverty and global warming to human trafficking. The only way to fight these international problems is to work with leaders from other countries to create comprehensive policies. All these crises are intertwined. Drought in Sudan forced overcrowding and conflicts in Darfur, leading to the genocide. Global climate change contributes to tsunamis, which can displace millions of people. Then these refugee problems contribute even more to poverty and international crime.

To face all these problems our country needs a president who understands all the obstacles and has the experience to overcome them. Gov. Richardson has my vote, and I urge others to listen more closely to what he is saying. He has both the insight and foresight to rebuild our country’s reputation and make important changes at home and abroad.

Rhea Desrosiers


Buckey good choice for U.S. Senate

To the editor:

At a talk on homeland security recently before the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, former Sen. Warren Rudman made what I believe was the most important point of the evening.

You may remember it was Republican Rudman who warned us before Sept. 11 that such an attack was a certainty. Well, in his talk he said that military action will not make us safer.

He said that if we want our families and communities to be more secure, we have no choice but to get off Persian Gulf oil. Otherwise, he said, there'll be Persian Gulf wars 2, 3, 4 and 5. Oceans of American blood will be shed for oil.

Instead, he suggests, the way to bring real security to America is to apply science and technology, good old American know-how, and create a new energy policy.

This, my friends, is exactly the central theme of the new and unique political campaign of scientist, engineer and astronaut Dr. Jay Buckey, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Rudman last night confirmed my support for Buckey who is anything but an establishment, inside-the-beltway candidate. If you want more of the same, choose some other candidate. But if you want change, Buckey is your candidate for U.S. Senate. Check him out at

Burt Cohen

New Castle

Giuliani is a generational leader

To the editor:

At first I knew nothing about Rudy Giuliani's views, but the more I looked, the more I realized that his performance over his years as mayor of one of America's largest cities was even more telling than his legendary leadership on Sept. 11. Giuliani was personally instrumental in turning a nearly bankrupt, crime infested New York City around. He proved that government revenues increase when Americans have incentives to invest. While slashing taxes, he turned a deficit projected at $2.3 billion into a multibillion dollar surplus. If anyone can fix Washington, Rudy can.

Giuliani is better positioned to successfully appoint judges than the other Republican candidates. With no litmus test, Senate confirmation would be more easily assured. He said that he would appoint strict constructionists in the same vein as Scalia, Roberts and Alito. As a pro-life NRA member, that's good enough for me.

Most importantly, Islamic fanatics declared war on us decades ago. The horrible reality is that they plan to kill as many innocent people as possible in the years ahead. Will Rudy provide a fresh look and reach out to our allies? Definitely. Will he turn the clock back to policies of wishful thinking like the Democrats will? Definitely not. Rudy is competitive in states like California that would be in Hillary's column with any other Republican.

From school choice to foreign policy, and a track record of implementation, I find reasons for great optimism in a Giuliani campaign. It is clear why the world was so impressed with him in the days following Sept. 11. He is a generational leader and is extraordinarily well qualified to be president of the United States. If you can help, please contact his team at

Jim Buttolph


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