Hillary's a winner

To the editor:

It is about winning.

I am proud to admit that I am a lifelong member of the Democratic Party, and it has never been more critical to return a Democrat to the presidency.

I believe in the Democratic principles of fairness and equal opportunity. I believe in government by and for the governed. I fully believe in your right to disagree with me, and I will defend that right.

Seven years ago, the presidency was stolen by people who do not believe as I do. They did not steal it from Al Gore. They stole it from us, the American people. They do not defend the Constitution. In fact, they mock the built-in safeguards of separation of church and state and separation of powers. They invent enemies in order to start wars so they can fill their bank accounts with more billions. They are crooked, cheating, lying schemers entirely focused on winning at all costs, retaining power at our cost. They govern by fear and campaign by stirring up more fears.

We all know that the Republicans' 2008 campaign will feature more e-mail jokes than last time, more disrespectful cartoon videos of our leaders, and more totally false attack ads than ever. We can be sure that they won't actually engage in open discussions of the issues that effect us and our world.

I will support the Democratic candidate, but I do not believe that most of them can handle the coming general election campaign. This time around is too important to take chances. This time we can't be wishy-washy. We have to fight and we have to win. We need a candidate with the experience and thick skin to take on the Republican machine. We need someone who won't quiver when the mud starts flying.

We need Hillary Clinton leading our campaign to return the White House to its rightful owners, the people of the United States of America.

Don Schwartz


A lack of compassion

To the editor:

As a recently separated mother of one son, I have an experience I need others to be aware of. I went to the Department of Health and Human Services office in Manchester for some assistance. I wasn't asking for the world, just something to help me get my feet on the ground. I was denied for a few reasons.

The first: I make too much money.

Second: My spouse hadn't been gone a full month yet.

Third: My spouse pays me for day care, and that is counted as income.

I think it's pretty sad that I work full-time, 40 hours a week, need some assistance and can't get anything. The maximum a family of two can make a month to be eligible for assistance is $560. What a joke.

My next step was to approach this great town of Derry. The two ladies in that office were the most unpleasant people I've ever met. It's not easy to walk into the office and admit you need some assistance, but to then be insulted and treated horribly.

I will figure out my own way to pay my rent and bills. I don't need your help. The Derry office is lacking in manners, a pleasant attitude and most of all, compassion.

Brigitte Lopez


Vote Obama for change

To the editor:

More so than any other candidate, Barack Obama has demonstrated that he

has the best judgment to be commander-in-chief and turn the page on the Bush-Cheney style of diplomacy that has marked the last seven years.

In my eyes, Sen. Obama presents the clearest distinction and rejection of Bush-era foreign policy. Sen. Obama had the foresight and judgment to oppose the war in Iraq before it started, and knows it was irresponsible and naïve to give George Bush the authority to send 160,000 American troops into a war without a defined mission or an exit strategy.

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he truly believes that engaging foreign leaders in tough, vigorous diplomacy, is a critical part of restoring our alliances and keeping us safe around the world.

America must engage in tough diplomacy to further this country’s security interests. Sen. Obama is not afraid to lose a public relations battle against a dictator; he has the strength to walk into any meeting and tell the leadership of any rogue nation the hard truths they don’t want to hear.

I believe that Sen. Obama has the best plan to keep America safe and restore our standing in the world.

Sean Marden


A historic commendation

To the editor:

Thank you Derry News and staff writer Terry Date for your article in the Aug. 1, 2007, edition, “Safeguarding Londonderry’s Past.”

Growing up in Londonderry, living there and/or just visiting over the years, I have seen, as everyone has, extraordinary growth that can both deplete our natural resources and demolish our historic heritage. I am so pleased that people like Marilyn and Chet Ham, Andy Mack, the Heritage Commission, the Demolition Delay Committee, the Historic Properties Preservation Task Force, the Historical Society, the Conservation Fund, and the town of Londonderry are there to protect the character and charm of this community.

I am grateful to these people who have fought so hard to save the beauty and historic character of Londonderry, for they've given me the great fortune of coming home to what I remember growing up with | historic farmhouses, barns, stone walls, fields of apple orchards and even “Grace,” my favorite of the many extraordinarily beautiful trees.

Keep up the great work and do let everyone know when you need help and support, for without Londonderry's historic heritage, we would not be here today with hopes of flourishing tomorrow, as the apples do, for our future generations to hold and to cherish.

Dianne Rennard

Londonderry and Southampton, N.Y.

Lead poisoning legislation a positive step

To the editor:

Congratulations to the New Hampshire Legislature for passing SB 176, a bill to adopt the recommendations of Governor Lynch’s Lead Poisoning Task Force.

Lead poisoning is a serious health problem. It causes learning disabilities, retarded growth, and blindness in children. Its effects are irreversible. One source of lead poisoning, lead paint, is a preventable health hazard.

As a result of this new law, the Department of Health and Human Services will now be allowed to inspect all units in a building, if 10mcg/dl of lead is found in a child’s blood. This new level is the same as the level recommended by the Center of Disease Control and is half of the previous level.

Lead paint is frequently found in older buildings, many of which are rental properties. The bill also allows the Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund to receive additional revenues to help property owners in containing or removing lead paint hazards.

In the words of one advocate, we will no longer “use children as ‘lead detectors’ or the ‘canary in the coal mine’ when it comes to addressing the lead paint hazard.”

The New Hampshire Legislature passed this bill by a 3-1 margin. Unfortunately, none of our Londonderry representatives stood up and supported children and public health.

Robert Spiegelman


Sununu, do the right thing

To the editor:

Dear Senator Sununu,

I have received many e-mails, from friends, associates and various political organizations, asking me to write you, call you, e-mail you, visit your office, etc., to encourage you to do the “right thing” and to stop the war in Iraq, stop the needless killing, face up to the president and follow the obviously overwhelming wishes of the voters.

In fact, this letter is a result of my sitting at the computer to do just that | to express those wishes. Then I thought about it. Do I really want you to change your stance? Follow the wishes of the voters? Do the right thing? Refuse to filibuster and let the Defense Appropriations Bill pass the Senate?

It’s a dilemma. I don’t want you to be re-elected next year, and the longer you continue to follow this course, the more likely I am to get my wish.

Maybe it would be a good idea for the voters to turn on C-Span and watch "their" senator, at 3 a.m., shamelessly filibuster against a legitimate Congressional action just to protect the president. It’s obviously more important for you to be a partisan loyal Republican than to be a “representative” of the voters.

I often wonder, “How bad does it have to be before these guys get it?” You choose to follow the president like a lemming over the edge of a cliff. I think I’ve figured it out.

It’s very similar to an amateur gambler who gets into a game that's over his head and starts to lose the family savings. He keeps betting, hoping to win some back, but each bet gets him deeper into the quagmire. Why? Because he was out of his league in the first place.

And so it is with you. You’ve got blood on your hands, as does the president. The war was, at best, a mistake, and at worst, a deliberate politically motivated escapade that got horribly out of control. Except that it’s not the family savings you're losing (although $400 billion and rising is a lot of money) | it’s 3,600 dead soldiers, 30,000-plus wounded soldiers, 100,000-plus dead Iraqi civilians, acts of immorality, torture and brutality, shame in the eyes of the world, global instability … I could go on forever.

So what do I do? If I encourage you to continue to be an obstacle to ending the war, I too get blood on my hands, but you will most assuredly lose next year.

I think I’ll go with my original intent. Please consider this to be a request by one of your constituents, urging you, strongly, to end the filibuster and to finally do the right thing. I’ll worry about your election next year.

Ken Hajjar


Outsourcing the U.S.A.

To the editor:

This country is experiencing a two-pronged attack on its industrial complex. In recent years, United States corporations have transferred millions of jobs from this country to their operations and plants in foreign countries. Also, foreign companies have purchased controling interests in U.S. corporations.

This has led to the elimination of jobs and manufacturing facilities in this country which, if needed, cannot be resurrected or cannot be reconstituted in a timely manner during a national emergency. Due to the motivation of U.S. corporations to maximize profits without regard to any other factors, it appears outsourcing to foreign operations will continue unabated into the future. It also appears foreign interests will continue to acquire U.S. companies and real estate.

Our national security could be jeopardized by the acquisition of U.S. companies by foreign corporations and the outsourcing of U.S. operations to foreign facilities. To combat this activity, we should pass legislation to restrict foreign ownership in U.S. corporations to a maximum of 49 percent of the voting stock, and not allow any foreign ownership in sensitive industries and companies, e.g. military equipment manufacturers. Also, we should pass legislation to levy significant tax penalties on U.S. companies outsourcing functions to foreign countries and not allow any sensitive functions to be transferred overseas.

We have to realize our nation’s economy and national security need to be safeguarded from potential foreign interests that are opposed to our way of life and could try to take over and control key U.S. operations.

Donald A. Moskowitz


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