Thank you for the welcome

To the editor:

By now everyone who is a regular at the senior center knows the building has a new office and new town employee: That’s me!

While I share my office space with the center’s library, I hope everyone feels welcome to continue to check out the book selection there and/or stop by to say “hello” or speak with me about a question or comment about senior transportation here in Londonderry, such as CART or other concerns. I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful welcome.

Cathy Blash, Senior Affairs Director, has been amazingly supportive of me personally, my role for the town and of the Senior Transportation Survey project I am currently working on. I am so grateful for her and at awe with all she does for this town.

The Londonderry Senior Center volunteers have helped me with countless big and small details relating to the senior center, the least of which is “how to make the coffee,” my favorite thing thus far! I thank each of these sincere and giving individuals for their great care. The senior center members, thank you for your warm welcome, your support, your smiles and especially for your hugs. What a wonderful way to start my mornings!

Jeanne Bouvier, thank you for sharing your wonderful meals and helping me to select the gluten-free choices to keep me safe! That means more than you might realize. 

CART, Easter Seals, Manchester Transit Authority, Community Caregivers, The Friends Program, Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission, New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Londonderry Senior Resource Committee, Leach Library staff, Town Manager Kevin Smith, Assistant Town Manager/Personnel Director Lisa Drabik, Town Planner Colleen Mailloux, and Executive Assistant Kirby Brown — everyone has been amazing to help me step into this role serving and representing Londonderry in regards to senior transportation. Thank you all so very much.

Lastly, Thank you to the local newspapers for their support of my new role and my first two projects as Senior Transportation Coordinator. Both projects require the public’s help to spread the word to reach seniors. I appreciate the support very much.

The first is the Londonderry Senior Transportation Survey. Paper versions are available at the Londonderry Senior Center, Londonderry Town Hall and the Leach Library. The online link is: The survey takes 2-4 minutes to fill out. Anyone 50-plus living or traveling through Londonderry is urged to take the survey.

The second project is that the town of Londonderry is sponsoring to bring the AARP Smart Driver course to town on Nov. 5 at the Senior Center. Space is limited and filling up fast. Anyone 50-plus who is driving is urged to learn more. Please call the senior center at 603-432-8554 for more information.

As a 24-year resident of Londonderry and growing up next door in Litchfield I am an ultimate “L-Townie." I adore small town/big town USA! I couldn’t be more proud of my home town for adding this position now in 2019 and for being proactive about focusing on the needs of the senior population and aging baby boomers living in Londonderry. I am blessed and excited they chose to hire me. Thank you L-Town!

My part-time job consists of office hours at the Londonderry Senior Center, but it also has many components outside of the office. It is best to call ahead to see if I am in that day or we can schedule an appointment if that is best. Call 603-432-1100 ext. 233.

Thank you all again for such an amazing welcome!

Laurie Renke

Senior Transportation Coordinator


Getting SPAM instead of help

To the editor:

I have a Stage 4 cancer and I wanted to try and put funding for medical research in place while I am still above ground, so the next generation has better options than I do.

So I tried asking the top candidates running for office what ideas they had to help fund medical research. I never signed up for anyone’s e-mail newsletter, but I started getting tons of them, each asking for money for their campaign.

Well, I don’t plan on sending anyone any money. There are many things that everyone should be able to work together on. Curing cancer should be one of them.

We need to find a solution for things like ALS, MS, sickle cell anemia and cancer. This is something that affects every family, we are all in this together!

Treatments can be absolutely brutal, and are often not very effective. We all want cures, but if we don’t fund the research, they won’t exist.

Furthering our understanding of disease and the creation of effective therapies won’t happen in a vacuum.

Maybe we could earmark money from a special state-run lottery ticket issued one month out of the year to fund the research.

At the federal level they are unfortunately too busy fighting each other to listen to us.

Larry Oliveto



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