To the editor:

The town of Derry, like many New Hampshire donor towns, has been struggling for that last eight years with funding cuts from the state.

Property taxes in Derry have increased to offset the over $5 million the state has rolled back. Concord’s most recent budget would greatly improve Derry’s position and return needed money to our taxpayers and schools.

In June the budget was vetoed because it contained an almost $100 million structural deficit for the next legislature to deal with, a fact the governor believes puts New Hampshire in a dangerous spot.

I agree with the governor on this and support his veto. The last time a governor accepted a budgeted structural deficit, the deficit grew over the biennium.

Gov. John Lynch had to deal with an $800 million deficit in 2012, and this resulted in the cuts that affected Derry over the last eight years. Derry cannot afford this to occur again, as it created one of the highest tax rates in the state and lowered the quality of education and services Derry is able to provide.

Today the Democrats are using this budget veto politically, as there has been a compromise offer on the table for weeks and they refuse to negotiate.

The Derry Town Council met and sent a letter but more needs to be done to end this and release the money needed for New Hampshire’s cities and towns.

James Morgan

Derry Town Council

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