It's still entirely possible that Mr. Burtis could dredge his soiled credibility out of the sewer system, if he was even occasionally present for anything he writes about. Kind of makes you wonder, which politician is feeding him his information?

Town of Chester, it's time for a change. Out with the old, in with the new. Elect Mike Olson road agent. He's honest and a hardworking individual.

Two hotline callers recently suggested Derry Town Councilor Kevin Coyle doesn't understand his job description. You have got to be kidding. Are you jokers proposing that because Mr. Coyle pointed out DEDC Jack Dowd overstepped his authority by recently executing a purchase-and-sale agreement and affixing his nonbinding signature on a contract that Coyle did the wrong thing? Or are you referring to his observation that the Wal-Mart agreement did not adequately protect the town's interest? Or perhaps it was his repeated assistance to Chairman Bulkley at a recent meeting, pointing out points of order and making sure that proper meeting procedural protocols were followed. No, Mr. Coyle understands his job quite well. It's the others that may not.

I just feel so badly for those three Derry police officers that resigned last week. It's a shame that they felt they had to leave. I am glad there's going to be an investigation into why they left. There's an awful lot of experience in law enforcement that just went down the tubes. I happen to know that those three are probably the three best in the state, and we're going to miss them.

Hats off to Craig W. Bulkley. Are the little people who may still call upon their councilors to be allowed to do so in the future, or must all calls of any problem whatsoever, always, in every case, be directed to John Moody?

I'm completely behind the project for building a monument for the war currently ongoing. However, the design of the monument simply is unusual and I guess there's no accounting for taste. Please reconsider the design. I don't see how it fits with where it's going to be placed at all.

Kevin Coyle's questioning of the applicants for the Zoning Board over his issue with the statement a member had made after a hearing was a disgusting display of political payback. The message is clear: Do something Kevin, or Janet for that matter, doesn't like, and they will hold anyone that they can accountable to answer for it, even though some people may have had nothing to do with it.

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