Yup, Chairman Craig Bulkley, working for the few, against the wishes of the many.

I'm calling in response to the Hotline caller in today's paper, on Wednesday, Nov. 14, in regard to the Derry Planning Board. First of all, that's like (mumbling), the way they wrote that _ that makes no sense. And second of all, they should actually look at that meeting and actually see what the Planning Board did. There were some members of the Planning Board that did vote "No" on those plans and did not allow the waiver to go through and some did. Well, that's what happens when you have different people on the board. Maybe there are a few people on the board that have been on the board for a long time that shouldn't be there, but that'll be up to the Town Council come this March when the council changes and when their elections are up. So we will see. I think that the person who wrote that letter should revisit the Channel 17 Web site and re-watch that show and actually find out what's going on. But I don't think all the members should be changed. I think they should look at the Zoning Board. The Zoning Board people are out of their minds. But that's another story for another day.

If Einstein lived in Derry, then he'd probably formulate a theory that would state, "Taxation equals mind over matter," where Chairman Bulkley and his cronies don't mind and the survival of the taxpayers doesn't matter.

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