No fooling, April 1 was an exceptional day for me! It started off when I lost my wallet while servicing a disabled car on Route 28 near Ryan's Hill in Derry. The wallet had several hundred dollars in cash in it, but more important, all of my licenses, health cards and credit cards. I spent the afternoon walking Route 28 with no luck. Returning to Manchester, I started the nerve racking process of canceling my credit and health care cards while trying to figure out how to replace my licenses.

Shortly after I returned home in Manchester, the door bell rang. Upon answering the door, a delightful young lady named Sarah and a young man asked if I was John, and then presented me with my lost wallet. It seems that Sarah saw my wallet on the road stopped the car and picked it up off the street. She then took the time to find my address and personally returned the wallet to me.

In a time when large segments of the news features blatant dishonesty, corruption, greed and crime we often forget there are still young people of exceptional honesty and character among us. In my mind Sarah and her friend represent the morality and integrity we should all honor. These young people personify the real hope for meaningful change in our society.

God bless and thank you Sarah!



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