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Last week our town moderator Jonathan Kipp had our debrief meeting after the biggest, most unprecedented election in our history. Before Jonathan could even start our meeting, I said something to everyone like, "I know this sounds crazy, but I miss us all being together!"

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We don't know what someone else's job entails, until we walk in their shoes.

Health care is one of the most important issues facing families in New Hampshire and nationwide. That’s why it’s concerning to hear politicians in Washington, D.C., continue to push proposals that would increase costs while jeopardizing health care access and quality.

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I have been wanting to talk about angels together for a few weeks now and then it seems another beautiful story is presented, almost as though it is a sign from above or maybe a loved one.

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Here it is our Sunday morning together and we are back home. In most cases, no matter where you travel, near or far, there is no place like home.

John keeps repeating, "I'm sorry Honey. It only happens to you. Hey, we should call these 'Sherry-isms." He's laughing and I still can't believe it.

Through snow, rain, heat, and night – and now an unprecedented pandemic – postal workers in the Granite State and across the United States do everything that they can to deliver mail safely and on time.

This week I really wanted to revisit together the way we ended last week's story. I am so grateful to each of you that reached out and said that my little story touched your heart.

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In the last few weeks, a few people have stopped by or just mentioned to me that our stories together are "homey."

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It seems suddenly "spot on" has made a comeback.

One of my favorite things or characters in people will always be a willingness to simply volunteer. It worries me that volunteering is slowly going by the wayside, but then maybe it’s not.

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As I’m writing our story this week, I wish I could say I thought of it myself, but first thing this Sunday morning, John announced that June 14 is Flag Day in our great country.

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"The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree" was one of John’s dad’s favorite sayings and he reminded us of it often. Poppa John used it mostly as it pertained to family life. It can definitely fit with other things, too

In less than a week, I went from being able to hug everyone to being warned not to hug at all. I know it’s for everyone’s own good, our community’s health and country, but I have to tell you it’s pretty hard to go cold turkey.

Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about some not-so-nice things that have been going in and around our towns. Sad is all I can say and sad is all I will say.

By the time you get our story this week it will either be Valentine’s Day Eve or Day 2019. Maybe this Valentine's Day we can all pick just a couple people to spread a little love to.

I don’t golf, but I spend a lot of time in Arizona tooling around in a golf cart. It’s just something lots of us do in a retirement community when the posted speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

Last week, we talked about new businesses and new authors in town and I know they want to thank all of us for supporting them and spreading the word. When I was teaching career education classes at the high school, we spent a lot of time discussing the word “networking."  I believe it will a…

Here it was the morning of the Fourth of July and I decided to write to you much earlier in the week then I normally would. Later in the day we would celebrate the Fourth with great honor and pride in our home. I doubt the men and woman who gave us this gift by fighting for our freedom had a…

I can’t believe that I’m about to type this to you — but here it is Sunday night and I’ve got nothing to write about.

A few weeks back, I took a day off and Mackensie and I headed out for a beach day — just the two of us. It seems funny to even type to you “just the two of us," because, let’s face it, today when you head anywhere, even for a day off or a complete vacation week, most of us remain connected t…

Since retiring from teaching Hampstead sixth-graders almost two years ago, I’ve visited the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. I’ve stared into the abyss, and was thrilled to do so, when my wife, Betty, and I stopped at the Grand Canyon on our way back from Arizona, the land of cacti, palm tree…

Last week our story ended with me giving you a heads up that this week we would be talking about something I knew very little about — cybersecurity. I just feel it so important for me to share with you the things that we can’t see, that are out there on a cloud somewhere, but yet things that…

Most of this week, I attended what is called a Primex Risk Management Summit.

This week I want to tell you about so many great people and places but I don’t know how to “sew” it all together. I guess you could say I’m also not sure if I should work from the back to the beginning or from the beginning to the last thing that just happened.

A couple weeks back we headed to the town of River Vale, New Jersey, where John grew up to celebrate his friend Lou’s mom's 90th birthday. We also stopped in to visit John’s Aunt Kay who is in rehab doing great at the age of 95. If you met both of these beautiful women you would have guessed…

The world really does keep getting smaller and smaller the older I get. I bet many of you find that, too. Well wait until I tell you this next story. I know you will be surprised too!

I didn’t have a chance to tell you, but on a bit of a whim, John and I decided to head to Canada this weekend to see my Canadian family — my favorite aunts, who are 84 and 75, my cousin Cathy, and our newest member to our small family Julia, who just turned 4 months old. The beautiful cycle …

I remember the excitement of receiving my first job offer to teach. It was about 28 years ago. I remember the interview — two guys talking education, my hopes and dreams for my new career, and then finally, when this young principal said he knew I was the perfect man for the job.

I have always been one of those people, maybe you are too, who loves the idea of picking out cards for special people or people that just need a little TLC, but so often, too often, I never find time to send them.

I was reminded this morning by Facebook that it’s been six years since my oldest daughter and I made an impulsive trip to my “hometown” of Woodstock, New York for a memorial service for a friend.

Over the course of the weekend, my husband and I spent about six hours sitting in the stands of the natatorium at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Well I should have known better and yes, my 1,000-piece New Hampshire state puzzle still has only 999 pieces!

I sit here with tears streaming down my face.

From about the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, my life is pretty much consumed with preparations for the holidays.

I deposited a check the 21st-century way the other day — on my phone. The first thing I thought of, after the initial sense of shock and awe abated, was “The Jetsons,” that early ‘60s cartoon series that depicted life far into the future.

I have a lot of dreams. I’m not talking about hopes and aspirations, yet I have those too, but I’m talking about the dreams that occur during sleep.

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