My big plan for this week's story was to tell you how "On the Road with Sherry" got its start.

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What makes historic First Parish Church special as the area celebrates Nutfield's 300th?

Last Thursday was a pretty regular day. I had to be in Concord in the morning for a meeting and I thought the afternoon would be filled with the regular kinds of things I would need to make up time. Nothing too exciting one way or another or so I thought.

Here it is, 9:56 p.m. on a Sunday evening and I'm just getting started on our story. I knew what we were going to talk about earlier in the week but I always wonder why sometimes I wait to get started. Usually it means something else is going to happen on the weekend, or somehow the story mi…

Maybe you have heard of this word before but I know that I hadn’t until the other night. John and I were sitting around with Bart and somewhere in the conversation, Bart said something like, "Well, he is plucky!”

Maybe we’ve become spoiled here in the center of the sports universe, but there was something less than stirring about the notion of the World Series champion Boston Red Sox opening the defense of their title some 3,000 miles from home, at T-Mobile Park, the somewhat antiseptic environs of t…

Anyone holding out hope that the completion of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election would somehow also bring an end to one of the most divisive, fraught times in American political life are likely finding themselves quite disappointed.

The idea behind community recycling has always been simple. Separate your paper, plastic and glass from the rest of your refuse, watch it get picked up curbside and assume it would return to you later in the form of recycled goods.

Are you interested in the political season gearing up with candidates visiting the area?

One thing’s for sure about that hour of sleep we lost over the weekend: We won’t get it back, and generally speaking, that’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s an unhealthy thing.

Six months ago we gained an hour, setting the clocks back before hitting the hay that night. Maybe we stayed up an hour later, finishing a book or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram posts. We might have finished a project we hadn’t had time for before that day.

I have a feeling many of you are going to be like me, and hadn't heard of Public Law RSA 265:37–a. I wish I could say that the first person to contact me with what this law is all about gets a “Sherry’s Not So Famous Chocolate Chip Banana Bread," but this information just can’t wait another week.

After a mentally ill 20-year-old slaughtered 20 young children, six teachers and staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on Dec. 14, 2012, the nation was stunned. Citizens and lawmakers across the country called for tougher gun laws. The righteous anger at many levels of…

Some of the first things I noticed about Pueblo El Mirage last year, the retirement community where my wife, Betty, and I, have spent the last two winters, were all the brightly colored banners hanging outside the homes with names like Hoosiers, Cornhuskers, Badgers, and Wolverines emblazone…

One thing you all know about me is that I’m a hugger. It just seems so very sad to me that today we have to really stop and think twice, maybe three times, before we reach out to offer a hug or even just touch a hand. (Oh, I’m a hand toucher, too.)

There is still much to be learned about the sting operation at the Jupiter, Florida, massage parlor that led to a charge of soliciting prostitution for Robert Kraft.

By the time you get our story this week it will either be Valentine’s Day Eve or Day 2019. Maybe this Valentine's Day we can all pick just a couple people to spread a little love to.

I don’t golf, but I spend a lot of time in Arizona tooling around in a golf cart. It’s just something lots of us do in a retirement community when the posted speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

Last week, we talked about new businesses and new authors in town and I know they want to thank all of us for supporting them and spreading the word. When I was teaching career education classes at the high school, we spent a lot of time discussing the word “networking."  I believe it will a…

Nine retail pot stores are open for business in Massachusetts, including one on the North Shore, and more are expected in the near future in communities such as Haverhill, where the city has come to terms with three would-be marijuana merchants, Salisbury and Amesbury.

Over the last two weeks I have sat at many different unexpected tables.

I don’t know what it is, but just after all the holiday celebration and preparation my “curmudgeon” side seems to be popping out!

As we were all lined up for the start of the Millennium Mile this year, a beautiful voice, and I only caught her name as Karen, announced to all of us runners “This will give us a running start into the new year!”

Happy Happy New Year everyone! I can’t even believe that Hanukkah and Christmas 2018 have passed and by the time you are reading our story this week New Year’s Eve 2019 will have either rung or will be ringing in!

It’s hard to believe that by the time you are reading our story this week, Christmas 2019 will have passed. I pray you had a nice Christmas and I also pray that you were able to check on a least one friend, neighbor, or loved one that you haven’t checked in with for a while. That’s really wh…

I can’t believe I can even be doing this…. but I’m writing our story from the sky!

Last week we lost a wonderful man, 41st President George H. W. Bush. His message was the same to us from beginning to end — he prayed for a gentler, kinder America.

JEERS to the school administration of Pinkerton Academy for switching up the color scheme for graduation apparently without involving the class of 2019.

Last week we ended our story with a little reminder to shop locally and to head on over to the Nashua Stroll, held this past weekend.

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