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For years and years, I have felt bad about certain things that I once taught I just don’t remember. I bet you have experienced this, too.

When exactly is something either fair or unfair? Whether the topic is taxation, pay and bonuses, government benefits, crime and punishment, or almost anything else, we just can’t seem to agree.

JEERS to four of the five members of the New Hampshire Executive Council for leaving $27 million in federal funds on the table, seemingly to appease a relatively small – yet unlawful – group of anti-vaxxers.

Anyone who follows politics in New Hampshire had to be disturbed by what happened at the Executive Council meeting last week at Saint Anselm College.

Well, love is in the air and as I say to every couple, “It’s the happy things, and I am honored to be a part of them.”

More than 275 books were challenged or banned outright in schools and libraries across the country last year, according to the American Library Association.

With news on Wednesday that the federal government declared 23 species of fish, mussels and birds extinct — including the legendary ivory-billed woodpecker — it’s worth taking a minute to watch a short black-and-white film shot in 1935 in a Louisiana swamp.

This week let’s celebrate our tried-and-true local businesses that do what they can to help stay afloat and be there for all of us.

The internet’s capacity to solve problems, connect people and make life more enjoyable is ever expanding and fascinating. But the web is also a sandbox for buffoons. And platforms such as TikTok have an absolute responsibility to keep a check on illegal behavior, even if it’s only suggested.

This story actually happened to Meredith and myself about three weeks ago. I couldn’t wait to tell you because I hope it will make you smile and that you will agree that you can’t make this stuff up.

A quiet ceremony in a state highway garage the week before last was a chance to again remember a local hero not for the golf shot heard ‘round the Milky Way but for the turn he took at the controls of a gravel spreader and crane back when Interstate 93 in southern New Hampshire was still road planner’s dream.

New Hampshire like many states has a labor shortage with many companies and businesses not finding the workers they need.

This week as you are reading our story, I will be attending the 96th annual New Hampshire City and Town Clerks Conference with over 250 Clerks from all over our great state.

The school year is about to begin, and while everyone longed for this to be a “normal year,” that is not possible.

Here’s a word I never thought I would be typing to you —  coccidiosis! I think John and I thought that in the new modern, clean world that we live in strange words like this would never cross our paths. You know our Gigi, she’s almost nine months old now and she has become the center of our …

Despite dire predictions, Tropical Storm Henri turned out to be more of a heavy mist and breeze in this corner of New England on Aug. 16. Forecasts into the weekend told us to prepare for the first direct hurricane strike on the region since Hurricane Bob came rolling over Rhode Island 30 ye…

If the delta variant wasn't enough to spoil the collective mood, now we learn our hot dogs are killing us. An article published last week in the journal Nature Food by researchers at the University of Michigan reports that a hot dog reduces the typical lifespan by 35 minutes, 24 seconds.


It's ironic that many people recall Spanish philosopher George Santayana's saying, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,"  but few American leaders took the message to heart when it came to our country's military interventions in the 21st century. 

This past weekend we had my daughter Meredith’s bridal shower at our home. For so many reasons I bet it is easier to have celebrations like this at a restaurant or off-site location.

If failed or nonexistent policies to protect people from the spread of COVID-19 around the country weren’t a potent enough example of the consequences of leaving science and health policy to the states, consider the dangers posed by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

With a huge smile on her face and a large part of America's Olympic dreams on her shoulders, Simone Biles accepted her bronze medal in the balance beam final last week, ending what may well be her last Olympics.

 Last weekend, my husband John and I attended a memorial service for one of John’s friend’s mom’s passing. The gift here was that Agnes was 93 and had a beautiful life lived well and to the fullest. Not everyone, actually only a few people, can we type that about.

 My husband, John, has always had a saying that goes something like this: “If you’re going to bring someone a problem, then the least you can do is bring them a possible solution, too.”

The solution to bringing a viable Paid Family Medical Leave program to New Hampshire has been an unsolved puzzle for two decades, but a trailblazing proposal crafted by Gov. Chris Sununu and supported by the Legislature will soon make it a reality in our state.

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