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 My husband, John, has always had a saying that goes something like this: “If you’re going to bring someone a problem, then the least you can do is bring them a possible solution, too.”

The solution to bringing a viable Paid Family Medical Leave program to New Hampshire has been an unsolved puzzle for two decades, but a trailblazing proposal crafted by Gov. Chris Sununu and supported by the Legislature will soon make it a reality in our state.

It occurred 50 years ago this month, a story known primarily by people now dead but one that is vital for our times, and for all time. It is a tale about the Pentagon Papers, the Unitarian Universalist Church, a teeny publishing house, a radical historian, a renegade Pentagon employee, a cou…

A news photo taken five years ago on a Habitat for Humanity job site shows a married couple pausing from their volunteer duties. He has a tool belt and a level. She’s holding a hammer. They’re wearing jeans, matching denim shirts and white helmets. And they’re sneaking a kiss.

For some reason, the word "innovation" kept coming up during the last couple weeks. It must be a huge sign that we should talk about it together.

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First, I hope all the great Dads out there had a nice day and that they were remembered.

Some of the next millionaires in Massachusetts will be made because of the COVID-19 vaccine, and it won’t be for their work for Pfizer or Moderna, the pharmaceutical and biotech companies that make them.

This year’s list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places highlights the growing impact of storm surge and rising seas, as well as focusing on locations important to Black history and the civil rights movement.

 It’s funny to think back to almost eight years ago now, but that’s how "On The Road With Sherry" started.

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How do some people just have a way of knowing what we need and when we need it without even asking? Some might say it is an instinctual sixth sense or sensitivity to others. This week my hat goes off to those wonderful people.

This week my big silent worry has been Mackensie, who just turned 22 and graduated from college, and went on her first adventure to Florida without us!

Fixing blame for the violence engulfing Israel and Gaza is a fraught exercise. Whether your sympathies lie with the Palestinians provoked by Israeli aggression, or a country bombarded by rockets and defending itself against terrorism, the moral high ground is elusive.

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This week I had the honor of being selected as a volunteer election official to assist with conducting the audit on the Windham, Nov. 3 general election.

JEERS to internet tomfoolery and a searing image, for anyone unlucky enough to stumble upon it, that was about as far from the visage of Londonderry High School’s “Larry the Lancer” mascot as one could get.

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Many years ago a great attorney named Lonny Dolin from upstate New York. She helped John and I with a few things when we were a very young couple.

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Sunday was so beautiful. I got Alexa to play my favorite song in the world, “Lovely Day.” If you get a chance to listen to it, maybe it will make you smile, too.

“It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it’s an imperative.”

Robotic rovers — the wheeled vehicles decked out with solar panels and cameras — have been slowly racking up mileage on the Martian surface since 2004, when Spirit and Opportunity dropped in for a look around. If you’re counting, there are five rovers there now: Sojourner, Opportunity, Spiri…

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After last week’s story of poo and puppies, I thought it was definitely time for us to move on to more pressing issues like new businesses and great people in our area.

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After seven years of hoping and dreaming that someday we would bring back a rabies clinic to our area, this past Saturday it happened. As with all good things, it really did take a village. Also, when the timing is right, and things are meant to be, they do seem to fall into place.

Warmer weather is arriving just as the pandemic loosens its grasp on our daily lives. New Englanders are being vaccinated at a pace that outstrips their fellow Americans, and with a newfound sense of security comes a desire to leave the house and head for the woods.

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Here it is Saturday morning, and I was struggling a little with what we should talk about this week, just as I thought this week might not be meant for “On The Road With Sherry.” As often happens, suddenly that changes, and a phrase or thought comes to mind.

Words are inadequate to describe the depth of evil visited upon humanity at the Nazi complex in Auschwitz.

Flowers are blooming and so is COVID-19. And at the risk of sounding like a scold, a combination of warmth and a neighbor’s vaccination shouldn’t lure us to lower our masks and start standing too close to strangers at Market Basket.

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On Saturday, John and I had the best luck running into Esther Hughes, who just happened to be working behind the counter at our local Staples store. 

This column is provided by historian/author Richard Holmes and is a look back at Hood Park in Derry. Written in 2006, the park since then has become a major priority of the town.

When it’s time to talk about New England sports heroes, the names that immediately jump to mind are Ted Williams, Bill Russell, Bobby Orr and Tom Brady.

Last week we talked about some of the new places we discovered in and around our towns and we also talked about the upcoming town elections, too.

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