LONDONDERRY — On a cold winter's day, customers enjoying time at 603 Brewery are finding a new way to enjoy the season while staying warm amid festive lights and heat.

The brewery, located at 42 Main St. within the Woodmont Commons development, now offers four outdoor igloos for customers to enjoy, complete with heat, seating for 10, and colorful lights.

The brewery posted its new customer options recently on Facebook, drawing a big vote of interest from those who enjoy frequenting the business.

The four clear, plastic igloos, located on the brewery's patio, come complete with upholstered seating, a small heater to keep the interior temperature at around 70 degrees, and seat 10 comfortably within its weighted, secure steel frame and domed shape.

Morgan Kyle, 603's marketing and events manager, said the igloo concept was something the business wanted to try, bringing new and fun things to the business for customers to enjoy.

"No one else is really doing this," Kyle said.

Bringing the igloos to the 603 patio area keeps that space available for use during all seasons, Kyle said, adding during warmer months, the patio is popular with padded seating, corn hole and small accent fire pits burning along the paved areas.

The brewing company was founded in 2012 by three college friends — Tamsin and Geoff Hewes, and Dan Leonard — all wanting to put something they loved into an action/business plan.

The former 603 location in Londonderry was on Liberty Drive, but owners decided it was time to grow.

That's when the opportunity to expand into the 600-acre Woodmont became a reality.

Last summer, 603 opened its new, bigger space with a custom-built brewing operation, beer hall and expanded drink and food options.

There are no reservations taken for the igloos and use is for those age 21 and older. All drinks and food choices are allowed in the igloos, available during 603's regular hours of operation.

The circular domes are quite popular and busy, Kyle said.

"Last week we had a line out the door," she said. "And we encourage people to share (the igloos) and make new friends."

Kyle also encourages businesses and teams to come to 603 and use the igloos for a meeting space.


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