WINDHAM –– A 44-year-old Windham woman was arrested for DUI close to home last week, after police said she drove over underground utilities and came to rest in a neighbor’s yard two houses away.

Police Capt. Mike Caron said Heather Devries, of 51 London Bridge Road, agreed to a blood test, the results of which are pending. She is additionally charged with two counts of criminal mischief and a count of domestic violence simple assault, according to records.

The domestic violence charge, according to Caron, was added when Devries allegedly pushed a child before leaving the residence. No injuries were reported.

Police were called at 10:18 a.m. Nov. 9.

Heather Devries and her husband David Devries, 44, are known by police after a notable arrest more than two years ago.

Both were charged early in 2018 for endangering their three children, who were 11, 10 and 1 years old. Police were called to the Devries home when the oldest child called 911 to say their dad needed help, according to Caron.

David Devries was found unconscious on the first floor of the house, Caron said. Heather Devries was said to be conscious but incoherent upstairs in a bedroom.

Police alleged the parents purposely violated their duty of caring for the kids by “consuming an excessive amount of drugs that rendered him/her incapacitated.”

Caron said there was no drug paraphernalia found in the house.

According to a relative, the three children were being cared for by their grandmother after both parents’ arrests. The New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and Families was also involved.

Court records show both husband and wife were sentenced to a year of good behavior in June 2018, and to continue with any counseling ordered by a family court judge.

That term had ended at the time of Heather Devries’ DUI arrest last week.

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