Windham man remains jailed after review of charges he assaulted woman

Deione Ferrone

WINDHAM — A 24-year-old Windham man with a lengthy criminal history will remain behind bars until his latest case, which involves allegations of assault by a former girlfriend, is resolved.

Deione Ferrone faces two counts of second-degree assault, strangulation, criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, criminal restraint, first-degree assault with a firearm, criminal threatening and possession of a handgun: career criminal.

At a hearing on Feb. 3, Judge Marguerite Wageling agreed with Prosecutor MacKenzie Ryan that Ferrone is a danger to the general public, and specifically the alleged victim in the case. Ferrone was ordered held and to have no contact with the woman, who is now his ex-girlfriend.

According to Windham police who interviewed the woman and investigated her allegations, Ferrone assaulted her over several days while preventing her from leaving 6 Juniper Road, where Ferrone was staying with his mother.

Patrolman Matthew Nieves testified that he became involved with the case when the victim’s half-sister called police to report that the victim was visibly upset and covered in bruises after an incident over the weekend involving her boyfriend.

The victim arrived at the police station later that day, Nieves said, at which point he observed obvious injuries on both sides of her face.

In an interview room, the victim told police her boyfriend woke up and declared it “a weird day because (she) was in the room with him,” according to Nieves’ testimony.

“(She) stated that Deione got physical and started to violently assault her to the point that he was punching her in the head, arms and legs,” Nieves said. “He pulled her into his body by grabbing her hair, wrapped his arms around her neck and began to choke her.”

Nieves said the victim repeated several times during the interview that she gasped for air and started to lose consciousness during Ferrone’s assaults on consecutive days.

Police were told that Ferrone stated “she would have to pay” for “ruining the day.” Ferrone was said to have pointed a loaded handgun at the victim, and threatened to shoot her if she tried to leave.

The victim said she was only allowed to leave the Windham home on Jan. 16, after she stated she had to go to work the following day.

She told police that she woke up several days later – the day her sister called police – to threatening text messages and Facebook messages from Ferrone.

During her interview with police, fear was “a constant topic that she brought up,” Nieves said in court.

“She was afraid for her life,’’ he said. “She stated that Deione knows where her family lives and he had made constant threats to kill them. She broke down crying several times during our interview. Overall she was extremely upset about this entire incident.”

Windham Detective Jason Dzierlatka testified, “She was scared because of the things he had said when he texted her: ‘I’m not locked up anymore’ and ‘I know where you are.’”

The detective explained how he executed a search warrant of Ferrone’s room, where he found the loaded gun mentioned by the victim as well as 15 additional rounds of ammunition under his mattress.

In arguing that Ferrone should be released to the custody of his grandparents and fitted with an ankle monitoring device, attorney Oliver Sakellarios said his client denies the events described by police.

“I fail to see the reason in any of it. I’m sure that the state would say it’s just the way the defendant behaved, and he lacked reason in committing these offenses,” Sakellarios said. “I think there is something missing in the story, not to mention the fact that she left on the 16th and doesn’t say anything until the 18th.”

Ferrone’s history of violent behavior led to his continued incarceration.

Since 2016 Ferrone has been convicted of willful concealment, drug possession, reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, disorderly conduct, simple assault, resisting arrest and breach of bail, the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor said Ferrone “was not to have contact with the victim (the same victim as in this case) and was not supposed to be at 6 Juniper Road,” where the violent incidents reportedly happened.

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