WINDHAM — Patrick Bradley, who is accused of assaulting several supporters of President Donald Trump outside Windham’s polls during the Feb. 11 primary election, was arrested again recently while free on bail, police said.

Bradley, 34, was arrested March 11 at his home for disobeying his bail conditions and being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon, a police log details.

Police said at the time of Bradley’s first arrest — for three counts of simple assault and a single count of disorderly conduct — he was on probation for committing another crime and was visited regularly by a probation officer.

Those visits continued when Bradley returned home after his $5,000 cash bail was paid, according to police.

Court records show Bradley was on probation for a 2017 case involving reckless conduct, driving with a suspended license, disobeying police, resisting arrest, simple assault and violating parole.

Police said Bradley’s probation officer called officers last week to report finding a gun and materials to smoke marijuana, both things a judge prohibited Bradley from having.

He was held again on $5,000 cash bail ahead of a March 26 hearing, according to police.

That date, however, will be pushed due to an announcement from officials Monday that the ongoing global pandemic caused by coronavirus will stop most in-person court hearings until April 6.

After being accused of the Feb. 11 assaults on several adults and a 15-year-old, Bradley pleaded not guilty and apologized during his arraignment.

Police Chief Gerald Lewis said Bradley became so enraged while leaving the town’s voting location at Windham High, he slapped a 15-year-old boy across the face before assaulting two adults who tried to intervene.

He is also accused of throwing campaign signs with Trump’s name, swearing at supporters and trying to knock over a tent.



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