WINDHAM — Students will return to in-person education Windham High on Sept. 21, according to a Friday statement from Superintendent Richard Langlois.

Students were originally supposed to return to the classroom on Sept. 9, however, there was an outbreak of COVID-19 before school started. So far 18 students have tested positive, according to Langlois.

The students contracted the virus at a "social gathering," according to a letter from Langlois.

No new cases were announced Friday by the district.

The state Department of Health and Human Services advised Windham High to stay closed for in-person instruction Tuesday night — the eve of the first day of school — allowing time for contact tracing. New cases were announced Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Elementary and middle school students did start on time this week, and high schoolers were expected to go back Monday. However, the district is pushing the high school reopening date by a week to allow 14 days between when the virus was found and when students go back to school.

Student athletic practices and tryouts at the high school have also been canceled until further notice, Langlois said earlier this week.

Students who have tested positive and their siblings have all moved to remote learning until they can join their peers, Langlois said.

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