Incumbents head back to Board of Selectmen, School Board in Windham

TIM JEAN/Staff photo. Voters fill out ballots in booths at Windham High last Tuesday. 

WINDHAM — Voters here sent two incumbent Selectmen back to the table in Tuesday's election and also approved school and town spending plans.

A total of 2,072 votes were cast, or about 18.2% of the town's total checklist of 11,388 registered voters.

Incumbents Ross McLeod and Roger Hohenberger earned the top vote counts to win the two open Selectmen spots for three-year terms, taking 1,404 and 1,269 votes, respectively, over challenger James Curtin who won 652 votes.

Incumbent Town Clerk Nicole Bottai returns to the job, running unopposed. Others winning positions and running unchallenged including Robert Coole, treasurer; Thomas Earley, Trustee of the Trust Fund, and Francis Farmer, Trustee of the Cemetery.

Tara Picciano and Nadia Alawa won the two open spots for Trustee of the Library with 1,510 and 1,394 votes, respectively. 

For the two open Planning Board jobs, Derek Monson and Matthew Rounds took the top vote counts with 1,070 and 1,036 votes, respectively.  Mark Samsel took 712 votes and Thomas Sharpe earned 527 votes

For the two open Board of Adjustment seats, Michelle Stith took top honors with 1,181 votes with Pamela Skinner taking the second position with 1,097 votes. Bruce Breton had 997 votes.

Voters also approved a $16.7 million town operating budget and a long list of warrant articles. 

Articles approved include $750,000 to purchase a new fire engine to replace a 2006 aging model; $75,000 to add to the town's Property Maintenance Trust; $93,770 to pay the third and final payment on a three-year lease on a new ambulance; $110,000 to re-shingle the fire station roof; $50,000 to support the Town Common Beautification Project, and $30,000 to be placed in a Capital Reserve Fund for future improvements of the Greenway Recreational Trail as a pedestrian/bike path, part of the Capital Improvement Plan.

An article asking voters to spend $365,000 for two plow trucks didn't gain the 60% majority of votes needed to pass and failed.

Voters also approved a list of planning amendments.

On the school side, incumbent School Board members Cynthia Finn and Shannon Ulery return for another three-year term with 1,425 and 1,418 votes, respectively. Incumbent school district Moderator Betty Dunn ran unchallenged and earned 1,552 votes; Robert Coole took the school district treasurer job with 1,551 votes and Mary Ann Horaj returns as school district clerk for three years, taking 1,552 votes  

Voters also approved school warrant articles including a $56.6 million operating budget. Other school articles approved include a collective bargaining agreement with the Windham Education Association; up to $250,000 to be added to the district's Special Education Capital Reserve Fund, and up to $200,000 to be added to the Capital Needs and Building and Grounds Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund. 



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