Deputy clerk charged over privacy violations

Nancy Hogle

WINDHAM — Deputy Town Clerk Nancy Hogle, 61, is accused of using her access to motor vehicle records to illegally obtain residential addresses of people she knows for her personal use, according to state police.

Hogle was arrested last Thursday and charged with two counts of violating the Driver Privacy Act, which establishes that Department of Motor Vehicle records are confidential.

“Only certain people and entities have access to those records, which are to be used solely for certain purposes permitted by law,” state police said in a statement.

According to an investigation conducted by Troop G of the New Hampshire State Police, Hogle accessed and used protected information in unauthorized ways, specifically for personal use and without a legitimate business reason.

The charges Hogle faces each carry a possible maximum fine of $1,200.

State police said Hogle was freed on personal recognizance bail and is expected to appear in 10th District Court in Salem on Dec. 10.

Members of the Troop G Investigations Unit — who led this investigation — are said to be “highly skilled Troopers who are assigned to the Division of Motor Vehicles,” the statement reads.

“They have received specialized training in the detection of fraud as well as fraudulent documentation and are often called upon for their expertise in this area.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Trooper First Class James C. Decker at 603-223-8778 or by email at

Windham Town Administrator David Sullivan was not immediately available to comment.

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