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WINDHAM — It's a project to help bring the community together as it looks toward the future.

WINDHAM – A Windham man known to local police was arrested on Jan. 19 after police say he held his girlfriend against her will, pointed a loaded gun at her face and threatened to kill her.

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WINDHAM — The scholarship committee of the Woman's Service Club of Windham has presented two awards to students to support their college education. 

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WINDHAM — It’s a project that will help bridge this community’s past with its future.

Police: Thieves stole checks from mail, then tried to deposit them

WINDHAM — Details on the town's proposed budget will be available at an upcoming public hearing set for Monday, Jan. 11, 7 p.m. in the Community Development Department.

The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission has upheld victory for Windham Republican Julius Soti, who beat Democrat Kristi St. Laurent by 24 votes in the race for state representative.


WINDHAM — Snow was falling Saturday afternoon and throughout the night, but Windham still lit up the holiday season with its annual tree lighting on the historic Town Common.

WINDHAM — Town officials are standing by the recent general election process, saying the community’s voting day was handled correctly, was organized and transparent.

WINDHAM –– A 44-year-old Windham woman was arrested for DUI close to home last week, after police said she drove over underground utilities and came to rest in a neighbor’s yard two houses away.

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WINDHAM — Some longstanding florals in the community will be kept blooming thanks to volunteers and some gardening support.

WINDHAM — Republicans here held the four Rockingham District 7 state representative seats in the Nov. 3 general election, according to the town's unofficial results.

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WINDHAM — Deputy Town Clerk Nancy Hogle, 61, is accused of using her access to motor vehicle records to illegally obtain residential addresses of people she knows for her personal use, according to state police.

WINDHAM — School officials are at odds with a parent concerning how the COVID-19 outbreak started at Windham High School.


WINDHAM — In a typical year, Nathan Road neighbors will gather at one of the Blackout Cancer games in town together.

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WINDHAM — For Natalie and Noah, heading back to the dentist's chair can be a bit scary.

WINDHAM — Police and firefighters recently responded to a home on Heritage Hill Road after a husband reported that his wife may set his clothes on fire, according to Windham police Capt. Michael Caron.


WINDHAM — The school district has a plan in place to return students to school, combining a hybrid option and full-return model for specific grades along with a remote learning option for families to choose.

BRENTWOOD — A man who pled guilty to hacking Windham residents' computers was sentenced Thursday to one year of jail, Rockingham County Attorney Patricia Conway announced in a statement Friday.


WINDHAM — It’s a dream come true, with a new name and new future for this longstanding Windham icon.


WINDHAM — This class was special, rising to challenges brought on by a menacing virus that put a hold on a traditional senior year and final high school memories.

WINDHAM — Graduates in the Windham High class of 2020 will join other school districts in the region to enjoy a unique way of saying goodbye to their high school years.

WINDHAM —  The Windham Endowment for Community Advancement has created the COVID-19 Response Fund to address immediate and longer-term needs in Windham arising from the global pandemic. The fund will serve as a community resource during this unprecedented time.

WINDHAM — A Windham man, 23, was charged in federal court May 26 in connection with a complex scheme that used stolen personal information to make money.


WINDHAM — It often takes a village to create a widespread effort of support and care, and for many volunteers and families in Windham, it also takes lot of fabric, elastic and a desire to spread goodwill and help.

WINDHAM — Patrick Bradley, who is accused of assaulting several supporters of President Donald Trump outside Windham’s polls during the Feb. 11 primary election, was arrested again recently while free on bail, police said.


WINDHAM — It’s one of the town’s gems, standing to this day as a prime example of Gothic Revival architecture while remaining a beloved building, with supporters hoping the legacy stays strong.

WINDHAM — A $9.5 million warrant article asking voters to approve the construction of a water line makes up a long list of town projects and requests on the March 10 ballot.

WINDHAM — The School Board has put a hold on approving a new plan to change the times school starts and ends in the district.

WINDHAM — Town officials plan to ask voters for money to extend the regional pipeline bringing water from Manchester to southern New Hampshire further into town.

The town of Windham celebrated its history, it's people, and some aging structures needing a boost. Here's a look back at some top stories of 2019.

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