Even though Ellie has only been here for a little under four months, and she is still a little under 4 pounds, she has some big thoughts on what our world needs right now.

First, she wants to remind all of us that it is still OK to smile at each other or even pat a puppy if you get the chance. Sure, some say that pets can carry this virus

too, but just use your antibacterial hand wash when you are done. Research shows that having a cat or dog by your side helps us all to relax and feel calmer. Dyana Foley has some precious bunnies that she loves. Check with our local pet shelter and maybe you can adopt one of my friends or make a donation.

Routines are so important! We have to make sure to eat smart, drink plenty of water and not too much other stuff and get our exercise. Everyday we should move our bodies while sitting in a chair, walking up and down stairs, stretching in our people houses or dog houses and we need fresh air. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but everyday I take a few minutes to neaten up my toys, chews and make up my dog bed too. Makes us feel a little stronger and like we can still get things done.

Try to talk to a friend or check on a friend every day. I worry about my senior friends the most, because they are always worried that they are bothering us. They don’t want to be a burden, so they don’t call or ask for help with what they need. Stop and think about it right now, while you are looking at my picture and decide who you are going to call or check on.

I have my best pal next door to my grandparents’ house, Monty Awad. He is a real cutie, I guess he’s a mix of a little of this and that, but boy, his he a charmer. It’s just so nice to nip at, run around with, have a few laughs with a friend. Who’s your puppy crush or person? If you need someone, let Sherry know.

Now this one can be tricky to bark about: I believe in prayer. Yup, I may be little but I when I say my prayers, I feel powerful, stronger and not alone. My dear friend Robert Russo shared a special prayer he wrote with me. “Dear God please protect me, and my family members, relatives and friends. Keep us safe and healthy, do not let us get this terrible virus.”

Then we say five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys. He won’t mind if you say it, too. I wish we could say it together.

My grandma’s friend Ralph Langone wrote a beautiful poem about his love for his wife Maureen, who he must be separated from now. After more than 50 years of marriage, family and love, how beautiful is that? Imagine how loved Maureen felt when she received that letter from her true love.

Now the last thing that is near and dear to my heart is just our little world here. I know that there is a big sometimes scary world out there. I like staying close to home and supporting those that need us in our local area. Ordering online is great, but please remember to order take-out from our local restaurants and shop our local businesses. They need us now more than ever. Please reach out to people that might need help and remind them about Kay Doyle of the St. Jude’s food pantry. Just have them call Kay at 603-434-1827.

Also, I want to remind all of you puppy owners out there to be careful of scams, most humans are good and want to help, but there are a few that will take advantage of times like this. My friend Bart was telling me about what happened to him ordering groceries online. Be very careful or call me and I will come on over and protect you, I promise!

Your Ellie

Sherry Farrell is Londonderry Town Clerk and a longtime resident of New Hampshire.

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