Sewing up success

The Costume Gallery in downtown Derry has a longstanding reputation of being a creative space where owner/artist Claire Renaud puts her talents in the spotlight, creating costumes and attire for theatrical groups, or for those needing to rent a costume for holiday events, special activities and other performance tasks. The storefront window also bids a nod to those who came before, with a display of vintage sewing machines making a seaming statement.


Christmas wrapping paper was hardly ripped off packages before many businesses said it was time to move on to the next holiday. By the day after Christmas, stores already had more big sales on holiday decor, bows and paper while making space for Valentine's Day items.

Springing through the seasons

With winter officially here, it was almost balmy during the holiday week with temperatures in the 40s and sunny skies above. Some birds even got a taste of some seasons to come and were chirping up a storm during recent early morning hours.

Keep them coming

For the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, the holidays were still the right time to woo potential voters in the area. Many candidates were on the schedule to pay the area a visit up through New Year's Day, including Joe Biden, Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders.

Wrapping up the holidays

The Derry News wishes to thank all who contributed this season to the Derry News Santa Fund. Hundreds of families were assisted with contributions supporting the longstanding Derry Community Fund and Londonderry Rotary Club holiday missions. Additional donations will be recognized as the new year begins.

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