What are the odds?

A recent Town Council meeting in Londonderry made lawn watering restrictions a point of discussion, with new rules in place to govern what days of the week watering can be done for addresses with either odd or even numbers. And when the discussion moved to the school district, Council Chairman John Farrell said school buildings do have official numerical addresses as well.

"And is 0 odd or even?" Farrell asked, adding he was going to leave the school district address issue up to Town Manager Kevin Smith as "he is the odd and even guy."


Talking trails

It's the season for local trail cleanup efforts and a lot of good use with people taking to community paths to run, walk, jog, or push strollers. In Derry, the town's trail system is getting a big boost and is seeing progress on a portion of the downtown trail crossing over Hood dam and on to North High Street. 

Shots in the arm

As school districts continued recently with clinics to offer the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, some schools planned specific schedules or days off to accommodate the numbers of teachers and staff feeling some side effects from the virus and staying home. That included Londonderry and Windham, with two doses of the vaccine now in teachers' arms, but also making scheduling changes as per the number of absences that were expected. 

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