Multi-tasking moment

During her visit to the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry recently, Administrator Jovita Carranza, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, took time to not only hear about the music venue's challenges during the pandemic, but to also pitch in a vote of support and buy some merchandise. Before leaving, Carranza purchased several shirts emblazoned with the official Tupelo logo and design.

Saying goodbye

It's a sign of the season when a warm-weather treat goes away. Moo's Ice Cream in Derry offered customers a final sign recently saying they had a few days left to buy some of the frosty treats at the business on Crystal Avenue. The business is now closed for the season.

Signs of support

Even as the pandemic continues on, there are still many signs of support around communities and neighborhoods. That includes a sign in front of St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Crystal Avenue in Derry, offering passersby a bit of calm and hope.

The sign reads "Faith has not been canceled."

Classic and colossal

A Derry business is now offering something "classic and colossal" for those customers wanting a big taste for a good price. Sal's Pizza has launched its Colossal 14-inch Classic Italian sandwich at only $5.99. The sandwich is exclusive to Derry and made to order. The sandwich is also the first of Sal's sandwich and baked bread line of products, according to a statement.

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