Down to the wire

In the days leading up to election day Nov. 3, political signs continued to sprout up, dotting local landscapes. Many had been there for weeks since the primary in September, but some were new, joining others and making colorful lines of support along area roadways. Once the election is over, state rules warrant the removal of the signs.

Turkeys in trees

There are cats in hats, fox in socks and now many turkeys in trees this time of year. The birds are being noticed in area towns in big numbers, crossing roads, sometimes standing in roads, and wandering through wooded areas. Many local homeowners are spotting turkeys that spring into action and fly upwards to land on tree branches, making for some added wildlife action this time of year.

Making more music

Since the weather is cooler and the days move toward winter, outdoor tents that once held customers for food, drinks and entertainment are also going away. After heralding a successful "drive-in" summer concert series, the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry posted a photo recently of the outdoor food tent area being taken down. But the music venue has plans in place to host several concerts inside, with a safe 25% capacity of music lovers allowed to attend.

Foliage at Forest Hill

It's one of the area's most solemn, serene and historical places. And for the past couple of weeks, it also served as a picturesque place for strolls to view some vibrant foliage. The state's colors are now fading, but many locals posted many photos on social media of travels around the area where colorful views of leaves were captured. That included many heading to East Derry's Forest Hill Cemetery where trees were blazing for days with oranges, reds and yellows.



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