Coloring their world

Derry trails are seeing some vibrant pops of color these days and it's not just because of spring florals or other natural scenery along the way.

Thanks to local artist Karen Lincoln, the trail system is sporting some artistic flair with large boulders being turned into woodland creatures and paved spots being earmarked for future designs including the words of famed poet Robert Frost, who called Derry his home for a decade while he taught English at Pinkerton Academy.

Senior salutes

Due to the pandemic crisis, area students who would have graduated in 2020 are being saluted in their hometowns in the area, with drive-by parades, and other activities and honors to help them remember this special, but unprecedented time. Chester hosted a parade to honor one of its own that recently graduated from college and homes and businesses are also showing support with photos, and special posters and messages perched on front lawns.

Educational support

As teachers all over the region were honored during the recent Teacher Appreciation Week, schools and families had to be creative and inspiring while offering support during these challenging times.

Teachers received special greetings via remote messages from students, families offered votes of support and confidence, and many teachers also reported on social media they received special gifts sent to their homes. Nurses in the area were also recognized and honored during their special week as well, as local businesses and residents offered many shout-outs for those working on the front lines of the health crisis. 

This Week's Circulars

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