A-maze-ing tradition

Local farms are opening up their markets and stands with bursts of fall color, including mountains of colorful gourds, pumpkins, squash, mums, and other seasonal decor.

And for those fans of the season hoping to navigate acres of corn, several spots feature corn mazes. J & F Farms in Derry has its annual corn maze ready and Elwood Orchards in Londonderry boasts its annual maze that also offers a nighttime opportunity for all who want to find their way through the stalks in the dark. Flashlights are encouraged!

And while in Chester....

...check out the scarecrows....many scarecrows....many favorites have returned this year for the annual display while residents have also created new characters. Some scarecrows depict famous scenes from movies, or television, while some even take on a historical flare, recreating famed photos and notables from the past. And to honor the community’s kick-off to its 300th anniversary, a huge birthday cake is displayed along Chester Street, with the famed “Chef” from the Muppets ready to show off his talents.

Holiday ready

Anyone looking for a perfect greeting card can look no further than a local business. Rite-Aid had not only birthday, anniversary, etc. cards displayed, but one row in the store showed off both Halloween and Christmas cards.

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