On to the next....The next holiday, that is....where decor, glitter, candy and cards will line the shelves at local retail stores. But wait? It seems that holiday, Valentine’s Day, is already getting into full swing, as stores are already stocked with the gifts of love and friendship. Some stores are still holding holiday clearance sales on Christmas wrap and bows, while only a short distance away, it’s all about hearts, candies, and cards.

A new year gift

Blood donations are in great need as the new year starts, and the Derry Police Department will give donors an opportunity to give the best gift to help those in need. An American Red Cross/Derry police blood drive is set for Friday, Jan. 14, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Calvary Bible Church. All donors welcome and appreciated.

Make way for....

...turkeys? As the famed story goes, it’s usually a call to “make way for ducklings,” but later many area roadways and paths are being enjoyed by groups of turkeys out for a stroll.

Often, motorists slow down to let the birds pass, often strolling along in single file to get from one side of the road to the next. Many turkeys also just enjoy a leisurely visit to residents’ yards and fields.

The state is even asking people to count the turkeys they see as part of a survey effort to analyze the fowl numbers.

There’s a new kid in townNew businesses are popping up all over, including a new restaurant effort in downtown Derry. Hare of the Dawg was scheduled for its grand opening Jan. 9, and the location on Broadway may be familiar to many, as the new eatery has taken over the former space of longtime downtown favorite C & K.

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