May His force be with you

A local church has just the seasonal sentiment for everyone seeking a starry holiday lift this year. St. Luke's United Methodist Church on East Broadway in Derry shows the message on its exterior sign: "Long ago, in a Galilee far, far away......"

Caroling, caroling here they come....

Even though the annual Chester scarecrow display is gone for the season, a new family has sprouted up in a home along Route 102. With similar characteristics of the famed scarecrows, this group of colorful carolers are ready to celebrate the season.

Foiled again

It came as a surprise to some attending the recent Derry School Board meeting that tiny Hershey's Kisses could somehow help the environment. After a presentation by Ernest P. Barka Elementary staff about the school's Go Green Club, one teacher noted that millions of the tiny chocolate foil coverings could be recycled each year.

Pinkerton Academy student Jasmine Cuenca, Pinkerton's student liaison to the Derry board, said she never knew that little piece of foil wrapping could do so much.

"I had like seven Hershey's Kisses today," she told the board. " I didn't know you could recycle the foil."

Signs of the season.

Santa Claus is probably making his lists and checking it twice for those good little boys and girls this holiday season. However one local business is asking one question to the Great Man in Red to make sure they get it straight.

Water's Edge Salon in Derry posted a seasonal sentiment on its exterior sign recently:  "Dear Santa, define good."


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