Calls of the wild

It's that season when many fowl are roaming through countrysides and residential yards, calling out to potential springtime partners.

In many communities, numerous reports of flocks of turkeys are being seen, with many of the more colorful male birds calling out to others as they strut and puff their feathers out for everyone to notice.

Motorists are urged to pay heed to any turkeys taking to the open road and crossing over to the other side. 

Supportive blues

Area police departments along with local schools participated in a recent event to support autism awareness by lighting up blue. That includes the lights on police cruisers and at department and school buildings. Pinkerton Academy planned to show its support April 2, for World Autism Awareness Day and Derry police turned on the blue lights on cruisers, also on April 2, for one minute to show support. The Derry department also offers seatbelt covers specifically to be used in case a passenger in a car needs to be identified as being on the autism spectrum. April is Autism Awareness Month.

Wild things

Social media often is filled with thoughts about what's going on in the neighborhoods. That included recent postings on a Windham community site that warned people to watch for a roaming coyote near the town's trail system. Several incidents warranted a call to N.H. Fish and Game.

Masking up

It's still a mission of the Derry Village Rotary Club to help keep people safe during the pandemic. Local Rotarians continue to present mask donations to organizations and other locations in the area. In past months, the club has donated hundreds of masks.


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