Seeing Red

A downtown Derry gem of a building got its name up in red lights recently, as the Adams Memorial Building and its Opera House glowed in red on Sept. 1. The red lights were part of a national effort to showcase the country’s prominent venues and buildings to gain government support for the entertainment industry.

Here’s looking at you, Spud

It’s that time of year when “Spudcrows” will be dotting the Derry landscape, created by families, businesses and organizations to put on display this fall, while supporting a downtown mural project. Spuds will also be wearing their finest, depicting historical characters and taking up space in shop windows and on storefront sidewalk spaces. Some spuds even resemble some of Derry’s finest leaders and nonprofit heads!

Pups on parade

With the next phase of a downtown mural project in the works, organizers of the mural are welcoming people to stop by for a mural “selfie” at the wall on the side of Cask and Vine in downtown Derry as part of support for the project. That included a well-behaved lineup of dogs recently, as dog trainers brought their best students to the wall to sit and be photographed — obviously getting some well-deserved training treats afterward.

Late-night primary time

As is the case during most elections, communities are often counting ballots and verifying results well into the evening. For election results, check, and see next week's edition of the Derry News.


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