Shots for added success

Derry School Board members discussed how school reopening plans were going recently, along with the fact that it's time to think about getting a flu shot to help keep the flu at bay while the coronavirus pandemic continues on.

Derry school Assistant Superintendent Austin Garofalo reported at a meeting Sept. 22 that he had received his flu shot the day prior. He said it's a good time to get a shot.

"The sooner the better," Garofalo said.

Spuds to you

As the annual "Spudcrow" displays start to take shape in Derry, one set of familiar faces will be sprouting up at an historic meetinghouse in East Derry.

Last year, during the 300th anniversary of the original Nutfield settlement, First Parish Church, the original meetinghouse spot for the area's earliest settlers, wanted to honor those early pioneers and put out a display of "Spudcrows" on the front of the church lawn. The potato-headed people paid tribute to the town's earliest residents including the Rev. James MacGregor, who led his flock to this new land he called "Nutfield."

Indoor sounds

As the weather turns cooler this season, some area musical sounds will be heading indoors safely, with specific guidelines in place to make sure concert-goers remain safe and sound.

The Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, still with an ongoing season of drive-up, outdoor concerts in the lineup, plans to offer indoor concerts in the months ahead, paying strict attention to rules for how many people can attend, safe spacing of seats and other protocols to make sure concerts are attended safely during the pandemic challenges.

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