Brisky business

Londonderry town councilors zoomed through their agenda May 6, voting on various items including spending money on cemetery repairs, honoring an Eagle Scout and celebrating a Conservation Commission award. Council Chairman John Farrell kept the meeting moving along.

"I was told I had to move quickly tonight," Farrell said, "because there are apparently three games on."

Pining for pizza

Over the course of the last several months, many pizza lovers in Derry watched the new Sal's location with a keen eye, hoping the new restaurant would be open soon. Now, it's time to celebrate the return and grand opening of Sal's at the corner of Crystal Avenue and Lenox Road with a brand new look and added space for customers.

A raccoon's rescue

Social media is one tool many people use to share information, ideas and opinions. Even finding a lost dog or securing some home improvement are hot topics. One recent post on a local page asked readers for what to do with a tiny raccoon that was discovered on a road in Salem. Many people offered information on finding a wildlife rehabilitation expert in the area to tend to the furry little animal.

One of the family

The Oasis Salon on Broadway in Derry often shows off photos on Facebook of Boots, a pigeon rescued last year by salon owner Bea Shay and now part of the Oasis family. Boots was named due to some fine, feathery feet and is now a favorite of customers.

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