Stacking stones

They are stacks of carefully placed rocks called cairns and they may date back to prehistoric times. But one local church is putting a colorful spin on their version of the cairn. The Londonderry United Methodist Church is sporting about four stony cairn structures near the church building, with several painted as decorative fish.

Falling into fall

Area farms are getting ready for the big fall season and are already sporting decorative pumpkins, mums, corn husks and other seasonal fare for autumn. One a sunny morning at Sunnycrest Farm in Londonderry, customers were taking to the orchards for some apple or peach picking, and taking a moment to greet some furry goats along the way.

Scary situations

But not too scary that the town of Chester doesn't have a smile on residents' faces these days. The town's annual scarecrow display will begin soon, with nearly 1,000 scarecrows expected to be out in force this year. This is also the 10th anniversary of the popular scarecrow project.

Broadway benefits

Downtown Derry is not only sporting some bright new sidewalk paint, but plans are also in place to bring new trees to Broadway. Town Administrator David Caron noted at a recent Town Council meeting that town crews did all the sidewalk work, and soon there will be 11 new trees lining the downtown.

Derryfest takes on history

As Derryfest gets ready to roll on Saturday, Sept. 21, organizers of the 300th anniversary of the original Nutfield settlement will bring a bit of history to MacGregor Park during the big town celebration. A new time capsule to honor the 300th will be filled and closed at approximately 2 p.m. on Derryfest day.

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